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I’m Gideon, and I have a wealth of playing experience both live and in the studio. I’ve toured and performed festivals with a diverse range of musical artists.

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I have played all the brands and put them to the test. I’ve been obsessed with drums and equipment for as long as I can remember.

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Best Mapex Snares

5 Best Mapex Snares

The snare drum is the most important part of a drum set. It provides the backbeat, which is what everyone latches onto when you’re playing …

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Earthworks DK7 Drum Mics Review

Earthworks DK7 Drum Mics Review

The DK7 by Earthworks is a luxury drum mic kit that includes a selection of seven specifically chosen condenser microphones. Each microphone is designed to …

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Gretsch Ash Soan Signature Snare

Gretsch Ash Soan Signature Snare Review

Ash Soan has been using a version of this snare drum for many years. He recently partnered with Gretsch to produce more models and make …

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How Much Does an Electronic Drum Set Cost?

If you’re looking to buy a new drum set, you may be wondering how much gear will cost. You first have the choice of getting …

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Sonor AQX Stage Drum Set Review

Sonor AQX Stage Drum Set Review

The Sonor AQX drum kits are Sonor’s entry-level line. They’re modernized versions of previous entry-level Sonor kits, receiving the additions of professional hardware options, sleek …

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