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15 Years of Drumming Experience

I’m Gideon, and I have a wealth of playing experience both live and in the studio. I’ve toured and performed festivals with a diverse range of musical artists.

The Best Unbiased Drum Gear Reviews

I have played all the brands and put them to the test. I’ve been obsessed with drums and equipment for as long as I can remember.

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left-handed drumming

Left-Handed Drumming 101: Setups and Drummer Advice

The majority of drummers are right-handed and tend to set their drum kits up in the same way. Most drummers can hop from one kit …

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drum set shell pack

What is a Drum Set Shell pack? Complete Beginner’s Guide

If you’re learning to play the drums, you’ve probably encountered the term “shell pack” from other drummers talking on YouTube or social media, and you …

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Sabian Cymbals

4 Best Sabian Cymbal Sets for All Budgets

Sabian is one of the top cymbal manufacturers, and the brand has an excellent long-standing reputation amongst drummers. The company has adopted a forward-thinking approach …

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most expensive drum sets

8 of the Most Expensive Drum Sets in the World

We all know that drum sets can be expensive. Especially when you factor in the cost of cymbals, hardware, and other accessories that are all …

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Gretsch Drum Sets

4 Best Gretsch Drum Sets for All Budgets

Gretsch is one of my all-time favorite drum brands. Gretsch drums produce beautiful, warm sounds and I find that they are also very easy to …

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