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15 Years of Drumming Experience

I’m Gideon, and I have a wealth of playing experience both live and in the studio. I’ve toured and performed festivals with a diverse range of musical artists.

The Best Unbiased Drum Gear Reviews

I have played all the brands and put them to the test. I’ve been obsessed with drums and equipment for as long as I can remember.

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Casey Cooper and Cobus Epic Drum Battle

Casey Cooper and Cobus Fight in an Epic Drum Battle!

Two online drumming sensations finally go head to head to determine who is the superior drummer. What could be better to watch for drumming fans? …

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best drummer lead singers

The 8 Best Drummer Lead Singers of All Time

The music world is full of talented multi-instrumentalists, but one of the most difficult combinations to master is singing and drumming simultaneously! Bands where the …

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drum set brands to avoid

Which are the Worst Drum Set Brands to Avoid?

There are some truly magnificent drum set brands on the market for drummers of all ability levels. The quality of beginner drums is constantly improving …

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drumming movies

11 of the Best Drumming Movies of All Time

Whether you are looking for inspiration to start playing your drum set again, or simply hoping to live vicariously through the characters on screen, sometimes …

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Best Direct Drive Double Bass Pedal

5 Best Direct Drive Double Bass Pedals

A direct drive double bass pedal is an essential tool for any drummer looking to achieve blistering fast kick drum speeds. They are extremely smooth …

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