Pearl Mesh Heads Vs Remo Silent Stroke Head To Head

Pearl Mesh Heads Vs Remo Silent Stroke Comparison

In this comparison review I’m going to be comparing the Pearl Mesh Heads Vs Remo Silent Stroke side-by-side to find out which is best. I’m going to be looking at the volume, sound, materials and cost to help determine which is the winner!


Both the Pearl Mesh Heads and Remo Silent Stroke drum heads are fantastic new inventions. They are essentially substitutes for conventional drumheads that allow you to silently practice anytime, whilst maintaining the feel of a regular drum head.

Mesh drum heads are the perfect solution for quiet practicing. The playing response of a mesh drum head isn’t exactly the same as a real drum head. This is because mesh drum heads are constructed of woven fabrics that offer a quiet response. Mesh drum heads are also known as ‘silent heads’.

The best thing about silent drum heads is that you can play on your existing drum set, with the set up and sizes you are familiar with, with the benefit of a huge noise reduction. You can practice effectively without having to transition to a specifically-designed practice drum set.


Both the Pearl Mesh Heads and Remo Silent Stroke drum heads are excellent quality silent drum heads. They feel and play beautifully and that’s due to the high quality materials and construction.

The Pearl Mesh Drum heads are manufactured with a super strong mesh fabric that is black in appearance. I personally really like how these look on the drums. They feel great, and the fabric is ultra tough.

The Remo Silent Stroke drum heads are also constructed with a 1-ply durable mesh fabric. This fabric is slightly thicker than the Pearl mesh fabric and the quality is fantastic, as you would expect from Remo. They really do produce exceptional quality drum heads.


The volume reduction achieved from both the Pearl Mesh Heads and Remo Silent Stroke Heads is impressive, however neither drum head sets are completely silent. There is still some noise emitted from the drums, but admittedly much less!

The Remo Silent Stroke drum heads are incredibly quiet and they are perfect for small music studios, apartments, dormitories and other small living spaces where volume could be an issue. There is still some noise, but Remo claim a reduction of up to 80% in volume which is excellent.

Pearl’s Mesh Drum Heads also offer an amazingly quiet response. The sound is slightly duller and perhaps arguably slightly louder, but it’s not that noticeable. The sound reduction is about 70% in volume compared to a typical drum head.

Overall the sound quality isn’t brilliant, because that’s not their intended purpose. These silent drum heads are designed to offer to offer a quiet playing response that won’t disturb others. And both of these sets of quiet drum heads emit impressive low-decibel volumes.

Playing Response

Comparing the playing response from both the Pearl Mesh Heads vs Remo Silent Stroke Heads is tricky because they both offer a very similar feel. The mesh drum heads offer a pretty accurate stick rebound and attack, but it’s a little more springy. You don’t feel as much of an impact, because the woven material is much more flexible compared to typical Mylar drum heads.

The great thing about silent drum heads is that you get to tune them just as you would with regular drum heads. This allows you to set your desired tension – whether you like them really tight or a little more loose.

Personally I prefer the playing feel of the Remo Silent Stroke drum heads. They are responsive and they hold up well to my playing. I like the rebound a lot and the tones sound clean across the drums.


The price of the Pearl Mesh Heads vs Remo Silent Stroke heads is similar, but the Remo Silent Stroke drumheads are the slightly more expensive option. The difference isn’t huge but it’s the premium option of the two.


Both of these silent drum head packs provide a highly realistic playing response at extremely low volumes that lots of drummers will benefit from. If you want to practice without disturbing others, or you want to protect your own ears from hearing damage then both the Pearl Mesh Heads and Remo Silent Stroke heads make a fantastic choice.

The playing feel and response isn’t the same as you would experience from regular drumheads, so it takes a small bit of time to get used to. But it’s not too drastic of a transition. The silent drum heads feel spongier and they have more ‘give’ which isn’t quite as satisfying overall. But in terms of practicality and noise reduction they are super effective.

Both the Pearl Mesh Heads and Remo Silent Stroke drum heads are well worth the investment and they do a perfect job of reducing the volume of an acoustic drum set for smaller living spaces and music studios. Especially when paired with a set of low volume cymbals, you can practice in peace without exposing yourself or others to loud noise.

The winner between the two options of silent drum heads is the Remo Silent Stroke Heads!

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