The 15 Best Female Drummers In The World Right Now

female drummers

Drumming has always been a male-dominated activity. However, women drummers have just as much passion, talent and creativity as their male counterparts!

Female drummers have conquered the music industry and proven that they have exactly what it takes to perform on sell-out arena tours worldwide, and on hit records that sell millions.

Without further ado, and in no particular order, I present to you my list of the best female drummers in the world right now.

Hannah Welton

Kicking off this list of the best female drummers we have Hannah Welton, an incredibly talented young female drummer from Louisville, Kentucky. She was previously a member of bands Pandorum and Bellevue Suite.

Welton began learning drums at a young age, and has been under the supervision of some of the world’s most renowned drummers including Pete Erskin and Louie Bellson.

In 2013 she was invited by Prince to play in his backing band 3rdeyegirl – a gig suitably worthy of Hannah’s talents!

Terri Lyne Carrington

Up next on our list of top female drummers we have Terri Lyne Carrington- a multiple Grammy Award Winning female drummer, composer, singer, record producer, activist, educator and entrepreneur hailing from Massachusetts.

She has recorded and toured with an insane number of jazz legends including Herbie Hancock, Dianne Reeves, Wayne Shorter and more.

Carrington truly is an exceptional, multi-faceted talent. She is also the very first female to win a Grammy Award in the Best Jazz Instrumental category. She is without a doubt one of the best female drummers on this planet, demonstrating immaculate control and complete musicality throughout all of her performances.

Madden Klass

Madden Klass is a rising star in the world of female drummers. With her hard-hitting and powerful drumming style, she has made a name for herself among the best women drummers.

Madden’s talent behind the kit shines through as she brings a modern twist to her performances.

Her impressive skills have gained recognition and respect in the music industry, solidifying her place among the top female percussionists. Whether playing with bands or as a solo artist, Madden Klass is definitely one to watch out for in contemporary music.

Cindy Blackman

Cindy Blackman is an electrifying female jazz and rock drummer from Ohio, and she has performed extensively with some of the world’s most popular musical acts including Lenny Kravitz and Santana. Cindy’s passion for drumming began at a very young age and she was born into a very musical family, which has helped fuel her creativity.

Blackman describes her first experience with a drum set as a profound moment: “When I hit them, it was like, wow, that’s me. That’s completely natural for me. It’s like breathing for me….”

Cindy Blackman is without a doubt one of the most highly regarded female drummers alive today, and she has worked hard to break down the stigma of women drummers – knowing musicality has nothing to do with gender!

Anika Nilles

As I was growing up, all of the popular drumming magazines featured only male drummers from cover to back. Anika Niles changed that.

Anika Nilles has absolutely conquered the worldwide drumming scene, and has been featured in all of the drum magazines countless times for her incredible work ethic and blistering drum solos .

Anika’s technique is flawless and she executes her chops and fills with surgical precision.

She has amassed over 20 million views on YouTube and she is incredibly highly regarded within the drumming community, performing international clinics and master classes.

Anika Niles has certainly changed the face of women in the drumming community forever.

Sheila E

Sheila E is considered by many to be the best female drummer alive. She is undoubtedly one of the most famous female drummers of all time, and has rightfully earned her title as the queen of percussion.

Sheila is a multi-talented performer, producer, composer and drummer having rose to fame in the 1980’s.

Few female drummers can boast the performance credits that Sheila E has. She has recorded and toured extensively with many iconic artists including Lionel Richie, Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye and Prince.

She became an inspiration for many women who wanted to pick up the drum sticks, in such a male dominated scene. Sheila E has truly helped to change the perception of female drummers.

Senri Kawaguchi

Senri Kawaguchi is Japan’s drumming phenomenon who has taken the drumming world by storm! With over 40 million views on YouTube, Kawaguchi has proven herself as a world-class musician, and one of the best female drummers alive.

Senri Kawaguchi performs with dazzling speed, accuracy and ferocity. She displays exceptional control over the drums with power and speed – she is a true powerhouse. Do not let her looks fool you!

Nikki Glaspie

Much like all of the women featured in this list, Nikki Glaspie has an amazing drumming gift. Nikki Glaspie graduated from Berklee College in 2005, and has since travelled the world as the drummer in Beyonce’s all-woman backup band.

She has also had the pleasure of performing with Chaka Kahn, Jay-Z, Kanye West and Destiny’s Child. An impressive list to say the least!

Nikki Glaspie is a diverse performer, and has a very exciting range of skills at her disposal. Whether it’s hard-hitting rock or gospel, or lighter jazz-fusion, you best believe that she is more than capable to rise to the occasion.

Sarah Thawer

Next on our list of best female drummers we have Sarah Thawer, a lady who has quickly risen to fame in the drumming world thanks to her superb drumming style and technical finesse. Thawer is exceedingly capable playing a diverse range of styles including rock, jazz, Latin, funk, RnB, fusion, world music and much more.

Sarah Thawer is also a fantastic composer and writes her own arrangements for drum clinics and workshops. Percussion Arts Society and Zildjian are showing Thawer a lot of love and recognition, and I’m very excited to see what she will continue to offer throughout her career.

Meytal Cohen

No list of famous female drummers would be complete without Israeli born Meytal Cohen! Without a doubt one of the top female drummers of our time, Cohen has racked up over 100 million YouTube views – an astonishing feat.

It’s easy to see why Meytal Cohen is the most watched female drummer online – she is very talented and you really experience how much she enjoys playing drums – playing on an epic drum set.

She has a hard-hitting style and loves performing rock music, metal and punk, adding her own exciting rhythmic flavour!

Taylor Gordon (The Pocket Queen)

Taylor Gordon is undoubtedly one of the best female drummers in the music industry today. Her hard-hitting beats and impeccable timing have earned her a well-deserved spot on this list.

Taylor’s powerful drumming style can be heard in recordings and all across social media, making her a true legend in contemporary music, and one of the most popular professional female drummers.

With her modern approach to the kit and undeniable talent, Taylor Gordon has solidified herself as one of the top modern female percussionists.

Emannuelle Caplette

Lastly we have Emannuelle Caplette, a top female drummer who has enjoyed a long and successful career as a performing musician. Caplette began drumming at 9 years old, and throughout her teenage years she won consecutive drumming awards at the Provincial Individuals Championship in Quebec.

During her studies at the University of Montreal, Caplette was hired for professional touring and has been touring the world ever since!

She is sponsored by many of the best drum brands including Sabian, Vic Firth, Sonor and Evans and also frequently performs at major drum festivals around the world.

Jen Ledger

Jen Ledger is a powerhouse modern rock drummer known for her high-energy performances and incredible skill on the kit. As the drummer for the Grammy-nominated rock band Skillet, she has solidified herself as one of the best female drummers in rock.

With her hard-hitting style and undeniable talent, Jen brings an electrifying energy to every song she plays. Her power and timekeeping behind the drums have earned her recognition among both fans and fellow musicians alike.

While she’s rocking out to heavy hitting beats, Jen Ledger proves that she is a force to be reckoned with in the world of drumming.

Kristina Schiano

Kristina Schiano is a hard-hitting online drummer known for her powerful performances. With an incredible command of the drum kit, she brings a modern and energetic style to her music.

As one of the top young female drummers in the industry, Kristina has gained recognition for her impressive skills from posting drum covers online.

She has become a very popular drummer on YouTube thanks to her creativity and powerful drumming style, solidifying her place as one of the best women drummers in the online world.

When Kristina sits behind the drum set, she effortlessly captivates audiences with her talent and passion for drumming.

Meg White

Meg White, the former drummer of The White Stripes, is known for her minimalist approach to drumming. With her stripped-down style and powerful beats, she created a unique sound that captivated audiences worldwide.

Meg’s ability to hold down a solid rhythm while adding just the right amount of flair made her an integral part of the band’s success.

Her contributions can be heard in iconic songs like “Seven Nation Army” and “Fell in Love with a Girl.” Meg White proved that you don’t need fancy fills or complex rhythms to make a lasting impact as a drummer.

Domino Santantonio

Domino Santantonio is another rising star in the world of female drummers. Her talent and passion for music shine through every beat she plays.

Her dedication to her craft and her ability to connect with the music make her one of the best female drummers on our list.

With her hard-hitting style and impressive technique, she is definitely one to watch out for.

Final Thoughts on The Best Female Drummers

All of the best female drummers featured within this guide are inspirational musicians. To be able to succeed in such a male-dominated environment deserves serious recognition.

From hard-hitting rock beats to mesmerizing jazz rhythms, these female musicians have proven that they can play drums as well as men and command attention on any stage.

Not only that, but these incredible women are paving the way for future generations of girl drummers who feel motivated to follow in their footsteps!

If you are interested in supporting future female drumming talent, check out the Hit Like a Girl Contest – an amazing competition showcasing and encouraging lifelong musicianship for girls and women, regardless of age, playing level or geographic location.

All of the amazing women drummers (including many more that aren’t mentioned in this article) are really transforming the perception of female drummers, and finally breaking the stigma for good.

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