Two online drumming sensations finally go head to head to determine who is the superior drummer. What could be better to watch for drumming fans? And who’s going to come out on top?!

Both Casey Cooper and Cobus Potgieter boast insane numbers when it comes to YouTube subscribers and video views. They are truly formidable online drummers, and I for one have been waiting for this drum battle for a long time!

Recently I’ve noticed somewhat of a bitter rivalry forming online between the duo on social media. They’ve been talking a lot of smack; making bold claims about their own abilities and throwing insulting remarks towards each other. 

Thankfully Sweetwater has seized the opportunity to bring both drummers together to settle the score in the drum fight of the century. It’s a must-watch, and in this blog, I’ll be providing my own pre-fight assessment and background on both competitors. Let’s get into it!

The Format of the Epic Drum Battle

The showdown between these two YouTube drumming legends is presented by the versatile drummer Nick D’Virgilio and features 3 rounds of unique challenges designed to test their range of musical abilities. 

In round one, the drummers will play a series of unique drum grooves that their opponent then has to copy accurately. If either drummer misses a beat or slips up, they gain a letter. The first drummer to spell the word ‘drum’ loses. 

Round two is called the sabotage round, and each drummer is required to play along to a backing track, while their opponent has the ability to add specific rules to hamper their performance. Anything goes, for example, either adding a blindfold or even removing a drum throne from the setup!

For the third and final round, Cobus and Casey have their kits stripped down to a minimalist, compact drum kit set up and will have to impress referee Nick D’Virgilio in a head-to-head drum off playing a wide range of drumming techniques, grooves, and fills. 

Watch the Epic Drum Battle Between Casey and Cooper! 

Check out the full epic drum battle! It’s an absolute must-watch from the awesome guys at Sweetwater and it’s seriously enjoyable. Both drummers bring their A-game in this drum-off, and the challenges are really quirky and funny. 

You’ll want to know who comes out on top, so check out the video and enjoy watching these two heavyweight YouTube drummers battle it out for supremacy.

Find out more about each of the two YouTube drumming stars below, and choose your favorite going into the epic drum-off.

Casey Cooper (COOP3RDRUMM3R)

In the red corner, and performing on a white Pearl Decade Maple drum kit, we have COOP3RDRUMM3R- the most popular online drummer in the world. All you need to do is look at the statistics and see for yourself. He has 2.63 million subscribers on YouTube, and has amassed over 600 million video views! Simply astonishing. 

Hailing from Arlington, Texas, Casey first picked up the sticks at the tender age of 6. He now lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and operates out of his killer home recording studio. He’s endorsed by Pearl, Evans, Zildjian, Earthworks Audio, and Vic Firth.

Casey is best known for his diverse range of drum covers and original drumming-related content. He covers everything from pop to metal, and pretty much everything in between. Being the most viewed and subscribed drummer on YouTube, he’s definitely going to be fierce opposition.  

Cobus Potgieter

In the blue corner, sat behind a gorgeous satin pewter finish PDP Concept Maple drum set we have Cobus Potgieter who hails from South Africa. With an impressive range of drumming content, Cobus is the second most subscribed drummer on YouTube with just shy of 1 million subscribers.

Cobus is a phenomenal drummer. I remember being mesmerized watching his Breaking Benjamin drum covers around 12 years ago. He’s earned a range of endorsements from DW drums, Sabian, Evans, Pro-Mark, Earthworks Audio, and PDP. 

He is also widely considered to be the very first YouTube cover drummer, and he has achieved over 276 million views across his channel. 

Final Thoughts

Both Cobus and Casey Cooper are awesome drummers and have earned their spots to be at the top of the YouTube drumming world. Personally, I’m rooting for Cobus. He’s a very skilled drummer and I love the way he plays, and his tasteful execution of drum fills and chops.

You can also watch more of the behind-the-scenes footage below, which is definitely worth a watch too!

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