Drumeo Awards 2023: Celebrating Drumming Excellence & Your Chance to Vote!

Hey Drummers! The Drumeo Awards are back, and it’s like the Grammys, but for drummers – our kind of celebration! 

Drumeo wants to celebrate every nuance, every groove, and every rhythm that makes drumming such an extraordinary journey. And I’m stoked to share the buzz about the 2023 Drumeo Awards Nominee List that just dropped. 

So, grab your sticks and let’s dive into what this event is all about, and how you can take part! 

The winners of the 2023 Drumeo Awards have been announced! Each of these drummers represents the pinnacle of skill and artistry in the drumming world.

The Winners of the 2023 Drumeo Awards

The 2023 Drumeo Awards brought together a diverse array of exceptional drummers, showcasing the rich talent within the drumming community.

Among the standout winners, II from Sleep Token emerged as a true luminary, securing victories in three distinct categories! 

II, the drummer of Sleep Token, claimed the coveted title of Drummer of the Year, Drum Recording of the Year and Metal Drummer of the Year.

His unparalleled skill and unique approach to drumming have not only garnered recognition but have also elevated the artistry of Sleep Token’s sound. His contributions reflect a mastery of both technique and musicality.

The awards also recognized excellence across various genres:

  • Drum Performance Of The Year: Travis Barker
  • Pop Drummer Of The Year: Ashton Irwin
  • Jazz Drummer Of The Year: Roni Kaspi
  • Country Drummer Of The Year: Harry Miree
  • R&B/Hip-Hop Drummer Of The Year: Questlove
  • Soul/Funk Drummer Of The Year: Steve Jordan
  • Contemporary Drummer Of The Year: Anika Nilles
  • Progressive Drummer Of The Year: Danny Carey

This year’s winners truly exemplify the dynamic and inclusive nature of drumming, showcasing a broad spectrum of styles and influences. 

The 2023 Drumeo Awards celebrate not only individual prowess but also the collective brilliance that defines the world of drumming.

Congratulations to all of the winners of the 2023 Drumeo awards, and I look forward to next year!

What are the Drumeo Awards?

If you missed the memo, the Drumeo Awards are all about recognizing today’s drumming legends and up-and-coming stars for their achievements and contributions to the drumming world. 

Started in 2021, it’s like our own drumming Oscars – a big shout-out to the amazing drummers who make our beats better. And now, in 2023, it’s about to get even better.

15 Categories Of Awards

Drumeo, the heartbeat of the drumming community, is all about celebrating the diverse and electrifying world of drumming.

With 15 distinct awards categories, Drumeo invites drummers from around the world to explore, appreciate, and revel in the diversity that makes drumming a vibrant and ever-evolving art form.

Drummer of the Year’ is the grand crescendo, the pinnacle of excellence, but around that, you have various chapters that delve into the artistry, creativity, and innovation within drumming.

The ‘Performance of the Year‘ is a spotlight on those breathtaking moments, like a drumming rollercoaster that takes us through twists and turns of pure exhilaration. ‘Recording of the Year‘ opens the door to the studio wizards, who created magic with sonic masterpieces.

Then, the genre-specific categories – rock, metal, jazz, and more – are like different genres of literature within the drumming narrative. Each category becomes a unique story, expressing the richness of drumming in various musical languages.

Your Vote Matters! (December 20th-25th)

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And here’s the coolest part – you’re not just watching; you’re part of the show! Public voting kicks off from December 20th to December 25th.

You get to pick the winners, so head over to the Drumeo Awards Voting Page and let your voice be the drumroll in the beats of victory!

Oh, and did I mention the sweet gear giveaways? You might just snag a Yamaha Tour Custom drum kit. Imagine the drum solos you could pull off with that!

Winners are Announced on January 25th 2024

Circle January 25, 2024, on your drumming calendar because that’s when the ultimate drumming bash happens – the Drumeo Awards Show! It’s where our drum heroes get the spotlight.

Picture an evening filled with beats, camaraderie, and celebrating what makes our drumming world kick-ass.

So make some noise! Cast your vote, spread the drumming love, and let’s turn the Drumeo Awards 2023 into a legendary drumming event. 

Full List of Nominees

Each nominee for the Drumeo 2023 awards brings a unique style and story to the world of drumming. These drummers contribute enormously to the world of drumming by echoing their passion, and together they define the essence of drumming diversity.

Let’s dive right into all the awards categories and full list of nominees, and remember to click the banner below to make your vote!

1. Drummer of the Year

At the heart of it all is the coveted ‘Drummer of the Year’ award. This category recognizes the crème de la crème of drumming, the individual whose rhythm and artistry have left an indelible mark on the drumming landscape.

  • Josh Freese – Foo Fighters & More
  • Sleep Token II – Sleep Token
  • Brooks Wackerman – Avenged Sevenfold
  • JonTheodore – Queens Of The Stone Age
  • Matt Billingslea – Taylor Swift

2. Performance of the Year

This category immortalizes those awe-inspiring moments that gave us goosebumps. The ‘Performance of the Year’ nominees have etched their drumming performances into our memories.

  • Dirk Verberuren – Megadeth Drummer Hears “Mr. Brightside” For The First Time 
  • Josh Freese – Foos Announcement Concert (“All My Life”)
  • Jay Postones – TesseracT – War Of Being 
  • Travis Barker – Blink 182 – Coachella Comeback Performance 
  • Ringo Starr – The Beatles – Now and Then 

3. Recording of the Year

Recognizing the magic that happens behind the studio doors, ‘Recording of the Year’ honors drummers whose beats have become integral to the tracks we love. This category celebrates the sonic architects shaping our musical landscape.

  • Sleep Token II – Take Me Back To Eden
  • Aric Improta – Every Sound Has a Color in the Valley of Night: Part 1 – Night Verses
  • Wolfgang Van Halen – Mammoth II – Mammoth WVH
  • Travis Barker – One More Time…- Blink-182
  • Dave Grohl – But Here We Are- Foo Fighters

4. Rock Drummer of the Year

For those who live for the thunderous beats and head-banging rhythms, the ‘Rock Drummer of the Year’ category puts the spotlight on drummers who define the rock genre.

  • Josh Freese – Foo Fighters & More
  • Greyson Nekrutman – Suicidal Tendencies
  • Jon Theodore – Queens Of The Stone Age
  • Brittany Bowman – Demi Lovato, Royal and The Serpent
  • Paulina Villarreal -The Warning

5. Metal Drummer of the Year

Metal demands precision, speed, and technical prowess, and the nominees in the ‘Metal Drummer of the Year’ category embody these qualities. From Tanner Wayne’s thunderous beats to Lars Ulrich’s iconic sound with Metallica, these drummers are the architects of metal’s sonic landscape.

  • Luana Dametto – Crypta
  • II – SleepToken
  • Tanner Wayne – In Flames
  • Patrick Galante – Ice Nine Kills
  • Lars Ulrich -Metallica

6. Progressive Drummer of the Year

For those who revel in the intricate, time-warping beats of progressive drumming, the ‘Progressive Drummer of the Year’ category showcases the maestros who redefine what’s possible. Expect nothing short of rhythmic innovation!

  • Danny Carey – Tool
  • Jay Postones – TesseracT
  • Raymond Hearne – Haken
  • Matt Garstka -Animals as Leaders
  • Gavin Harrison – Porcupine Tree & The Pineapple Thief

7. Jazz Drummer of the Year

Jazz is all about soulful expression, and the nominees for ‘Jazz Drummer of the Year’ are the heartbeat of this genre. Brian Blade, Roni Kaspi, Kendrick Scott, Antonio Sanchez, and Yussef Dayes each bring a unique flavor to jazz, making this category a celebration of diversity within the genre.

  • Brian Blade – Fellowship Band, Norah Jones & More
  • Roni Kaspi – Avishai Cohen, Original Music & More
  • Kendrick Scott – The Kendrick Scott Oracle, SFJAZZ Collective
  • Antonio Sanchez – House of Waters, Thana Alexa, Donny McCaslin & More 
  • Yussef Dayes – Solo Project

8. Contemporary Drummer of the Year

In the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary music, drummers play a crucial role in shaping the sound of today. These drummers are the trailblazers representing the pulse of modern music.

  • Mark Guiliana – Solo Project &Various Artists
  • Justin Brown – Thundercat & More
  • Anika Nilles – Jeff Beck, Nevell & More
  • Larnell Lewis– Various Artists
  • Zack Grooves – Everything Yes

9. Country Drummer of the Year

Country music thrives on storytelling, and the rhythm behind those stories is brought to life by the nominees for ‘Country Drummer of the Year.’ These drummers are the heartbeat of country, each contributing their unique flavor to the genre.

  • Terence Clark – Keith Urban
  • Jake Sommers – Luke Combs
  • Mark Annino–  Morgan Wallen
  • Chris Fryar – Zac Brown Band
  • Harry Miree – Hardy, Keith Urban, Dierks Bentley & Lindsay Ell

10. Pop Drummer of the Year

Pop music relies on infectious beats, and the ‘Pop Drummer of the Year’ nominees know how to craft those beats. These drummers bring the groove that makes us move.

  • Ashton Irwin – 5 Seconds of Summer
  • Matt Billingslea – Taylor Swift
  • Jess Bowen – The Summer Set, Lights & Jax
  • Madden Klass – Boy Genius, Watsky & Mike Doughty
  • Darion Javon – Doja Cat & Tate McRae

11. R&B/Hip-Hop Drummer of the Year

Feel the urban beats and hip-hop vibes with the nominees for ‘R&B/Hip-Hop Drummer of the Year.’ All of these drummers contribute to the rich tapestry of R&B and hip-hop, making this category a celebration of urban rhythms.

  • Mike Reid – Rihanna
  • Rico Nichols – Various Artists
  • Devon “Stixx” Taylor -We The Band & Trap Jazz Documentary
  • Daru Jones – Raphael Saadiq’s Tony! Toni! Tone! Tribute Tour & More 
  • Questlove – The Roots & Tonight Show

12. Soul/Funk Drummer of the Year

For those who love to get down to soulful funk, the ‘Soul/Funk Drummer of the Year’ nominees are the groove masters you need to know.

  • Petar Janjic – Cory Wong & Solo Projects • Adam Deitch -Lettuce & Solo Projects
  • Jost Nickel – Various Artists
  • Steve Jordan – Rolling Stones & John Mayer Trio Reunion
  • Louis Cole – Knower

13. YouTube Drummer of the Year

In the digital age, these nominees are not just drummers; they’re online storytellers.  The ‘YouTube Drummer of the Year’ category celebrates those who bring rhythm and fun to our screens, and successfully engage with huge audiences online.

  • Joe Porter
  • Lindsey Raye Ward
  • Nandi Bushnell
  • El Estepario Siberiano
  • Alejandro Sifuentes

14. TikTok Drummer of the Year

In bite-sized moments, these drummers have mastered the art of short and sweet rhythmic storytelling on TikTok. These drummers have each crafted rhythmic tales that resonate in the brief yet impactful format of TikTok.

  • Emil Vergo
  • Ricardo Merlini
  • TheCowboyDrummer 
  • Blaine Stillman
  • Diana Llerena Vásquez

15. Instagram Drummer of the Year:

For those who love to see rhythm come alive, the ‘Instagram Drummer of the Year’ nominees are the visual rhythmic feats you need to follow. This category celebrates drummers who make our screens come alive with beats.

  • Austin Ware
  • RockerGirl Drummer
  • Ramon Montagner
  • Dany Kufner
  • Mauricio Extreme Drums

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