Sweetwater Drum Month Deals 2023

Sweetwater Drum Month 2023

Sweetwater Drum Month is upon us! This means that you can find some seriously good deals on drum gear on Sweetwater’s online store. 

If you’ve been waiting to get something, this may be your best opportunity to get the lowest prices. Whether you’re looking for acoustic drums, hardware, cymbals, or small accessories, Sweetwater has you covered. 

What is Sweetwater’s Drum Month?

Drum Month is something that Sweetwater celebrates every year. In this month, they mark down the prices of most of the drum gear that they sell. 

They also do giveaways that are valued up to thousands of dollars, giving you the opportunity to win full drum kit setups and all kinds of accessories. 

It’s often the best time to buy brand new drum gear, as it’s rare that you’ll find what you want for a lower cost at any other point in the year. 

Sweetwater often releases new gear on their product list around Drum Month time, so it’s also great to check out all the fresh and exciting options. 

Here are a few of my favorite deals that you should check out!

PDP Concept Maple Classic 3-Piece Shell Pack

PDP Concept Maple Classic 3-piece Shell Pack - Twisted Ivory

The PDP Concept Maple Classic is an incredible professional drum kit, and Sweetwater has marked its price down by $400 for Drum Month. 

This kit is both beautiful in its looks and sounds. The Twisted Ivory finish is great to look at, while the maple shells and walnut hoops give the drums round and powerful tones. 

This is the highest-quality PDP Concept Series kit you can get, and the DW-inspired features seem to be a steal at this price. With the True-Pitch tension rods and pristine claw hooks, you get similar performance quality to high-end sets.

If you’re looking for a new professional shell pack, this 3-piece option is an incredible pick. 

Roland TD-17KVX Gen 2 Electronic Drum Set

Roland TD-17KVX Gen 2 Electronic Drum Set

Roland’s TD-17KVX is the best intermediate electronic drum set on the market. It’s been the go-to option for years for pro drummers that need something small to practice with that still has excellent playability. 

This is the Gen 2 version of the set, meaning it has more preset drum kit sounds and higher-quality cymbal pads. 

You get two deals in one here from Sweetwater. Firstly, the kit is $100 off its original price. The second deal is that it comes with a free Roland Hydraulic Saddle throne. This is a high-end throne from Roland that feels seriously comfortable to sit on. 

You never get thrones when you buy electronic drums, so this is a sweet deal to take advantage of. 

Zildjian A Cymbal Set Bundle

Zildjian A Cymbal Set Bundle

The Zildjian A Cymbal Set is one of the best pro cymbal packs that cost under $1000. It has always been a sweet deal, even without having any discounts involved. These are some of the most versatile cymbals, as they can easily be used for most styles. 

The Drum Month deal is that you get Zildjian Cymbal Polish, four pairs of 5A drumsticks, and a 22” Zildjian cymbal bag along with the cymbal pack. You’ll pay slightly more than if you were to get the set alone, but it’s a huge bargain with all the extras. 

You get the same deal with a few other Zildjian cymbal sets, so check those out as well. 

Tama S.L.P G-Maple Limited Edition Snare Drum

Tama S.L.P G-Maple Limited Edition Snare Drum

The Tama S.L.P. G-Maple Limited Edition snare is one of the best snares in the S.L.P. line, and Sweetwater is offering it with a $180 discount for Drum Month.

This snare has a thick 11mm 13-ply shell, giving it a lot more volume than most other maple snare drums. 

That’s a great feature for drummers that like the warm maple tones but need something loud for harder styles of music. Tama’s 3mm Steel Mighty Hoops also give it an excellent crack on the rimshots. 

The final thing to mention about this snare is the finish. It has an outer ply of zebrawood, making it look pristine. 

Pearl 830 Series Hardware Pack

Pearl 830 Series Hardware Pack

If you’re looking for a set of hardware to go with a shell pack, Pearl’s 830 Series Hardware Pack is an excellent choice. 

These are all incredible stands that are solid and durable. The kick pedal and hi-hat stand also have excellent playability, making it a suitable pack for professional drummers to get. 

The price isn’t marked down here, but Sweetwater will give you $100 to spend on your next purchase from them. That’s a good deal for drummers who are looking for a quality set of drum hardware, and can use the voucher towards your next purchase from Sweetwater.

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