DW 5000 Vs 9000 Bass Drum Pedal Comparison

dw 5000 vs 9000 pedals

DW 5000 Vs 9000 Head To Head

DW 5000 Vs 9000 Detailed Comparison

In this comparison review I’m going to be comparing the DW 5000 vs 9000 single bass drum pedals side-by-side to find out which is best. I’m going to be looking at the build quality, features, pedal response and cost to help determine which is the winner!

Build Quality

Both the DW 5000 and DW 9000 single bass drum pedals boast an incredible array of features. They are simply both a joy to play and they are both aimed towards advanced and professional level drummers.

Comparing the DW 5000 vs 9000 bass drum pedals, there are some similatires. Although the DW 9000 series kick pedal comes in more expensive, it doesn’t mean the DW 5000 pedal is any worse. Both of these pedals represent the industry standard for all styles of music.

Shared Features

Both pedals feature non-slip textured rubber grip undersides and the same innovative Tri-Pivot toe clamp that ensures the pedal and bass drum hoop stay connected regardless of bass drum size or angle.

Both the DW 5000 and DW 9000 pedals feature rock solid frames and footboards. DW’s signature quality lies in the construction and build quality of these pedals. They are incredibly strong and durable, but the DW 9000 pedal is heftier and it also has a larger base plate.

Spring Rocker Mechanism

The DW 5000 and DW 9000 series pedals take advantage of different spring mechanisms that are very noticeable within the design of the pedals. The spring on the DW 5000 is outside of the frame, whilst the DW 9000 pedal spring unit is housed inside the frame.

I prefer how the DW 9000 pedal accommodates the spring unit. It’s better protected inside the frame and it looks much better quality.

The DW 9000 has a patented Floating Swivel Spring that has less resistance and offers an incredibly smooth feel. The DW 5000 series Dual Spring Rocker is not as smooth or well designed in my opinion.

Pedal Cam

The DW 9000 series pedal features a free-floating rotor drive system and an Infinite Adjustable Cam that allows the pedal to be easily set from Accelerator to Turbo or anywhere in between. The DW 5000 pedal has a fixed cam of either Turbo or Accelerator. It also has a hexagonal rotor shaft that is not as innovative or smooth in operation.

Overall Performance

Both the DW 5000 and DW 9000 pedals are a lot of fun to play. They are both amazingly responsive, fast and controlled. They are also rock-solid and feel great underfoot.

Whilst both pedals feel incredibly smooth, the DW 9000 single pedal has even less resistance because of the free floating components. The DW 5000 has a little more resistance, but many drummers like this and opt for the 5000 instead.

I love everything about the DW 9000 series pedal. I think it has a better design overall and the pedal unit itself is more robust in comparison to the DW 5000 pedal. The features and components are more advanced and that enhances the performance of this kick drum pedal.


The DW 9000 pedal costs more than the DW 5000 series pedal. It’s about 35% more expensive, which is quite a considerable amount. Professional drummers around the world love both pedals, because they offer unmistakable reliability and feel for touring drummers. So is the performance of the DW 9000 really worth the extra cash?


The DW 9000 series pedal represents the industry gold standard. It offers everything you want in a kick drum pedal. It’s ultra-smooth, reliable, powerful, super responsive and completely adjustable. It’s perhaps the best kick drum pedal ever invented and the DW 9000 is the winner!

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