Tama Speed Cobra 310 Vs 910 Bass Drum pedal Comparison

tama speed cobra 310 vs 910

Tama Speed Cobra 310 vs 910 Head To Head

Tama Speed Cobra 310 vs 910 Pedals Detailed Comparison

In this comparison review I’m going to be comparing the Tama Speed Cobra 310 vs 910 single bass drum pedals side-by-side to find out which is best. I’m going to be looking at the build quality, features, pedal response, and cost to help determine which is the winner!

Build Quality

Comparing these two Tama Speed Cobra pedals side by side you really get to experience the similarities between the two. We’re going to get properly onto price later on, but let’s understand that the Speed Cobra 310 pedal is going to make some sacrifices to be a lot more affordable than its bigger brother 910 pedal. With that being said, let’s get to it!

My first impressions of both pedals are great! They look very similar in design, which is a huge bonus for the much more affordable 310 version. Both pedals look chunky and they are outfitted with a hefty base plate and frame – keeping the pedal firmly grounded.


Both Speed Cobra pedals feature a virtually identical longboard footboard that feels awesome to play. They also both take advantage of a robust double-chain drive mechanism. The overall design is very similar between the two. It’s only upon further examination we begin to see the differences.

Pedal Beaters

The most visibly obvious difference between the Tama Speed Cobra 310 and 910 pedal is the beater. The Tama Speed Cobra 910 beater is a newly designed Accu-Strike beater that is designed from a Butadiene rubber material that has an exceptional lifespan because it won’t wear down. It also produces a great level of attack.

The Speed Cobra 310 beater is Tama’s more affordable beater with a felt head and it will wear down with use. It’s a little cheap feeling and a bit of a letdown for the 310 pedal. But considering the price point, it’s still acceptable.

Bass Drum Clamp

Another main difference between the 310 and 910 Speed Cobra pedals is the bass drum clamp unit. The bass drum clamp that comes equipped with a kick drum pedal is important because it keeps the pedal firmly attached to the bass drum.

The 910 pedal utilizes a Para-Clamp II pro that keeps the pedal perfectly flat on the floor regardless of the bass drum angle. The 310 pedal has a downgraded hoop clamp, but still works fine. It’s not as easy to use and you may struggle when setting up for a live show on an unfamiliar bass drum.

Other Components

Some other components that differ between the pedals are the hinge plate and spring mechanisms. The 910 hinge plate features a 3-piece construction with a new guard block for long-term durability.

The Speed Cobra 310 does feature a strong hinge plate that uses a cylindrical brass sleeve to keep the hinge pin free from pressure or damage. This is a great feature for the price of the pedal.

The spring and o-ring of the 310 pedal is a downgrade from the 910 speed cobra Super Spring and O-ring. But the 310 pedal does use a LiteSprocket like the 910 that provides a natural feel and smooth action whilst decreasing the weight.

Overall Performance

When it comes to pure performance, the 310 really does deliver. It feels great, smooth and responsive. It does feel similar to its bigger brother 910 pedal.

I would say the pedal action is slightly slower, and it does not have the Cobra Coil spring under the footboard that the 910 pedal has, meaning there is no rebound underfoot.

The 910 is my pedal of choice, and I use it for touring, live shows, and home practice. I’ve owned my pedals for five years and they still perform as expected. The 310 does make some sacrifices but overall feels really sturdy and delivers a good performance, even for tricky and fast footwork.


Both Tama Speed Cobra bass drum pedals offer great value for money. They are aimed at different price points, with the 310 in the entry-level segment and the 910 aimed toward professional drummers.

The 910 costs more than double the price of the speed cobra 310 pedal. Is it really worth that much more? It depends on the level you are at as a drummer, and how you want to be using the pedal. If you are a road warrior and you’re an experienced drummer then you will likely go for the more expensive pedal. But to anyone else, the difference isn’t going to be that noticeable.

Both pedals share lots of similar features and that really helps the 310 pedal shine in this direct comparison, considering the enormous price difference between the two pedals.

The Best Choice

Both the Tama Speed Cobra 310 and 910 pedals are winners in their individual price categories, but comparing the two together in terms of durability, performance, and reliability – the Speed Cobra 910 pedal wins!

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