Ludwig Junior Drum Set Pocket Kit Review

Ludwig Junior Drum Set Pocket Kit Review

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The Ludwig Questlove Pocket Kit will provide the best possible start into drumming! Designed with the help of drumming legend ‘Questlove,’ This Ludwig junior drum set is a premium mini drum set that includes everything needed to begin playing, at an unbeatable price.

Ludwig Questlove pocket kit

Key Features

  • All-in-one drum set package
  • Designed for children aged 4-11
  • Very attractive price point
  • Excellent build quality throughout
  • Designed in collaboration with Questlove
  • Seriously fun to play!


Build Quality


This Ludwig junior drum set is a complete drum set package designed for children between 4 and 10 years of age. But it can even be played by adults! It’s a capable drum set indeed that offers surprisingly musical and warm tones. 

The Ludwig Questlove pocket kit is a complete all-in-one drum set package. It includes drums, cymbals, pedals, stands, a drum throne, drum sticks, and a drum key – everything required to have fun right away!

In this Ludwig junior drum set review, I’ll be taking an in-depth look at the sounds, build quality, playability, and value of this Questlove kids drum set to determine if it’s worth the investment!

Ludwig Questlove pocket kit Ratings



Build Quality







If you’re expecting the Questlove pocket kit to sound like your average cheap kid’s drum kit, then think again! This Ludwig jr drum set is small but very impressive. It’s an excellent sounding drum set for young players.

The Ludwig Questlove pocket kit drum set produces a full range of musical tones right throughout the set. The drums are constructed with hardwood shells for authentic tones. 

The kick drum is tight and punchy and produces a deep tone. The snare drum is outstanding, with an exceedingly musical pop that punches well above its price point. Moving onto the rack and floor toms, these drums also offer fantastic sounds with good projection.

The sounds are so good that the Questlove pocket kit has also found favor amongst experienced adult drummers as a compact gigging kit! 

Despite the smaller sizes, the Questlove kids drum set offers a significant amount of projection, and all of the drums tune-up very easily. 

Altogether, the Ludwig jr drum set has the best sounding drums I’ve heard on a kids drum set. Even with the included factory drum heads, the tones are excellent.

Build Quality

Everything included in the Ludwig junior pocket drum set feels considerably high quality for an entry-level drum set. The hardwood drum shells are durable and well-constructed, and the bearing edges are cut precisely.

The generous Questlove pocket kit package includes all the drum hardware required to build the drum set. It has all the stands, pedals, and even a sturdy drum throne too. The hardware is sturdy and functional – more than capable of supporting an adult player. 

Beginner cymbals tend to sound low quality. While these included cymbals are by no means professional sounding, they are more than capable for beginners and kids. The cymbals consist of a pair of hi-hats and a crash ride cymbal that produce clean and bright sounds. 

Ludwig is one of the most legendary drum brands. It is clear that together Questlove and Ludwig have designed a compact drum kit with a lot of care and attention to detail. Everything is highly functional, and it will hold up to many years of enjoyable playing.


The Ludwig junior drum set provides a full-scale playing experience. It’s seriously fun and enjoyable to play on. The drums produce lively sounds, and these drums are so inviting to play on.

Although these drums are compact sized, they are super versatile and are ideal for kids and adults looking to explore the world of drumming. These drums are very well-built for the price, and the Questlove pocket kit holds up well to all different types of playing and musical styles.

The snare drum is the stand out drum within the set. It has a delightful pop and crack that makes it sound like a far more expensive drum. The kick drum also produces an awesome thump sound that is satisfying to play. 

For kids and adults alike, the Ludwig jr drum set pocket kit is a joy to play, and it’s a brilliant entry to the world of drumming. 


Now we arrive at the highlight of the Ludwig pocket kit review – the incredibly affordable price tag. I’m blown away by the tremendous value this pocket kit offers. It is truly a very generous offering at an unbeatable price.

For $269, you receive a well-built drum set package that will stand up to years of playing. It’s the best sounding entry-level drum set for beginners on the market at a very attractive price.


Drumming legend Ahmir Khalib “Questlove” Thompson worked alongside Ludwig to create the pocket kit after seeing a lack of quality junior drum sets on the market. The Ludwig junior drum set is a success in every way.

This Ludwig Questlove pocket kit ticks all of the boxes. It sounds fantastic; it’s well-built, looks great, is enormously enjoyable to play, and offers unbeatable value for money. 

The Ludwig pocket kit is without a doubt the best all-in-one drum kit package for kids excited to dive right into the world of drumming!

What Comes In The Ludwig Questlove pocket kit Box?

  • 16" Bass drum
  • 12" Snare drum
  • 10" Rack tom
  • 13" Floor tom
  • Hi hat cymbals
  • Crash cymbal
  • Snare stand
  • Hi-hat stand
  • Cymbal arm
  • Kick pedal
  • Drum throne
  • Tom legs
  • Bass spurs
  • Drum sticks
  • Drum key
  • Drum lessons

Ludwig Questlove pocket kit At A Glance


  • Amazing value for money
  • High quality design and build
  • Killer sounding drums!
  • Ideal for kids, but suitable for adults too


  • Hi hat stand is a little flimsy
  • Cymbals are adequate, but not great
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