8 of the Most Expensive Drum Sets in the World

most expensive drum sets

We all know that drum sets can be expensive. Especially when you factor in the cost of cymbals, hardware, and other accessories that are all required to make up a drum set.

Most hobbyist drummers are content with playing mid-level drums and cymbals that are sufficient for live gigs and rehearsing without breaking the bank.

But for some drummers, money is no object when it comes to getting the best equipment that money can buy!

If you are looking to drop some serious dough, read on to discover some of the most expensive drum sets available to see some truly incredible price tags when it comes to getting your hands on that ultimate kit!

What is the Most Expensive Drum Set to Ever Be Sold?

The most expensive drum set ever sold is Ringo Starr’s Ludwig drum kit, which sold for a mouth-watering $2,100,000 at an auction in December of 2015.

This illustrious drum kit was played for hundreds of Beatles shows and even appeared on several TV shows. It was owned by Ringo from 1963 and was amongst his favorite drum sets.

What are the Most Expensive Drum Sets You Can Buy today?

1) Pearl Masterworks Exotic Drum Set ($13,800 USD): 

Kicking off this list of the most expensive drum kits, we have the Pearl Masterworks series drums. Pearl is one of the top drum manufacturers thanks to its amazing sound and superb construction.

This 9-piece shell pack is easily one of the most expensive Pearl drum sets available, and it’s handcrafted from a blend of Birch and Gumwood, along with 4-ply maple reinforcement rings for additional shell strength and reduced overtones.

Adorned with Pearl’s Superhoop II’s and distinctive midweight swivel tube lugs, this drum set offers awe-inspiring sonics and visuals.

The Masterworks Series drums are special-ordered as they are built by hand, and can also be made to your exact specifications, no matter what type of kit you are looking for.

2) Craviotto Solid Stave Maple Shell Pack ($9,900 USD):  

What makes this drum set so special? For starters, it does not utilize a typical ply construction like most drums do. This is a solid stave drum set, which means it is made from single solid piece Maple shells.

Solid stave drum sets are some of the finest drums in the world, renowned for their unmatched tonal response, clarity, and response.  Craviotto is one of the top makers of solid stave kits, and all of their drum sets are hand-made in the US by an elite team of artisans at the Craviotto HQ.

Aesthetically, this 5-piece drum set has a beautiful natural wood grain finish that shows through, along with a maple inlay that offers a totally unique look that you won’t find on any ordinary drum set.

3) DW Collector’s Series Exotic Drum Set ($8450 USD): 


DW is famous for its premium quality drums, and this kit definitely doesn’t disappoint. The outstanding shells on this model are made from Maple with SSC shell construction and grain orientation – for a completely optimized and rich sound across all of the drums.

This 7-piece drum set features gorgeous ivory ebony veneers, a natural lacquer finish, and polished chrome hardware that looks exceedingly classy. This expensive DW drum set is sure to capture the eyes of everyone in the venue when this drum set appears on top of a drum riser.

4) Sonor SQ2 Drum System Maple Drum Set ($8713 USD): 

For only a 6-piece drum set, the Sonor SQ2 Maple drum set carries an extremely hefty price tag. Sonor is one of the best high-end drum manufacturers in the world, and their top-of-the-line SQ series drum sets are impressive feats of engineering.

Advanced features like tone-maximizing T.A.R. tom mounts with Advanced Project System (APS) grommets, 2.3mm Power Hoops, and TuneSafe lugs, make the Sonor SQ2 series some of the best sounding drums in the world.

Visually, the SQ2 Maple is a delight also. It comes with a gorgeous natural-looking high-gloss finish that allows the wood grain to shine through. You can expect to be blown away by the looks and sound quality of these drums.

5) A&F Drum Co Bell Bronze Drum Set ($8645 USD): 

Handmade in Austin, Texas, A&F Drum Co blends traditional, old-world craftsmanship with a modern sound. A&F drums have a distinctive vintage appeal, and their drums look almost parallel to the classic Ludwig and Rodgers kits of the 1950s and 1960s. 

This A&F drum set is incredibly unique, as it is hand-made from rich, powerful B20 bell bronze that produces a very low pitch. In fact, A&F claims these drums have the lowest pitch of any production drum set available.

The bronze shells are outfitted with beautiful walnut hoops and raw brass hardware, which is treated to A&F’s exclusive Patented Patina shell and appointment aging for its distinctive look. This drum set is truly a feast for the eyes.

With a price tag nearly reaching $10,000 for a 3-piece drum set, this is surely one of the most expensive drum sets you’ll ever likely encounter.

6) Roland V-Drums Acoustic Design Drum Set ($8000 USD)

The new Roland V-Drums Acoustic Design kit is the most expensive electronic drum set money can buy. It’s an innovative new design that features genuine lacquer-finished wood shells for the look and feel of an acoustic drum set, while also utilizing the latest in E-drums technology.

Roland’s Acoustic Design drums allow you feel, sense, and approach the drums in a whole new light. It’s powered by Roland’s most advanced drum module to date – the TD-50X drum module that takes realism and sound detailing to the next level, with powerful Prismatic Sound Modeling.

This electronic drum kit has all of the bells and whistles. It’s outfitted with full-sized drums, including an 8-sensor snare and realistic-sized slim multi-zone V-cymbals that are designed to play better than any electronic kit available. And for the cost, I’d expect no less!

7) Musa Custom Balsamic Vinegar Barrel Drum Set ($70,000 USD)

Musa is an Italian-based drum manufacturer that claims to have produced the most expensive drum set currently available for purchase, with an enormous $70,000 price tag.

The company claims it took six months to complete the production of the drum set and it had a range of craftsmen used to construct it. What makes this drum set so unique is the fact it’s a solid stave kit, built entirely from hand from barrels of 30-year-aged balsamic vinegar from Modena.

The drum set also features unique lugs shaped to skulls. I’m not convinced this drum set meets the insane valuation of its $70,000 price tag, but all credit to Musa for attempting to build such a unique drum set!

8) Ludwig Ringo Starr Oyster Black Pearl Drum Set ($2,100,000 USD)

If you don’t know how much drums can cost, you’re in for a surprise! Here we have the most expensive drum kit ever sold – Ringo Starr’s Ludwig drum kit, sold for a mouth-watering $2,100,000 at Julien’s Auctions held in California, USA, in December of 2015.

This illustrious drum kit was played for hundreds of Beatles shows and even appeared on several TV shows. It was owned by Ringo from 1963 and was amongst his favorite drum sets.

It’s not too surprising that this Ludwig drum set wins the top spot for the most expensive drum set ever sold. Beatles memorabilia is hot property and goes for extraordinarily high prices at auctions!  

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed reading all about the most expensive drum sets! If you want to step your playing up a notch while also taking care of your wallet, you don’t necessarily have to buy one of these expensive drum sets.

Simply check out my top recommended professional-level drum sets that offer amazing sounds and visually at a much more affordable price.

Thanks for reading, and happy drumming!

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