Tama Club Jam Review

tama club jam review

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The Tama Club Jam drum set is a high quality compact kit. Featuring smaller sizes and lively poplar/mersawa shells, this retro inspired drum kit offers functionality and portability with an old-school charm.

Tama Club Jam Drum Set

Key Features

  • 4-Piece drum set shell pack
  • 6-Ply poplar/mersawa shells
  • Ultra compact drum sizes
  • Natural wood bass drum hoops
  • Kick mounted cymbal holder
  • Curved bass drum spurs


Build Quality


The Tama Club Jam kit is ideal for gigging drummers and for those looking for a smaller sized practice kit. This drum set takes inspiration from classic, vintage drum sets and it’s perfect for intimate gigs.

This drum set comes in a range of stunning lacquer and Unicolor wrap finishes that are particularly eye-catching.

I think these drum sets look very attractive with the smaller sized shells paired with these finishes, plus the matching wooden bass drum hoops is a very classy touch.

The Tama Club Jam kit is a 4-piece drum set shell pack that consists of a kick drum, snare drum, rack tom and floor tom. It also includes a bass drum mounted cymbal holder.

In this review I’ll be taking a look at the Tama Club Jam 4-piece shell pack in the striking Aqua Blue Unicolor wrap finish. Read on to find out what I liked most about this compact kit!

Tama Club Jam Drum Set Ratings



Build Quality









The Tama Club Jam kit takes advantage of hybrid 6-ply poplar and mersawa shells that provide beautiful tones. The sizes of the shells are very small, and this helps the drums produce a quick and responsive sound.

Do not let the size of this drum set fool you – it’s surprisingly loud and punchy! These drums produce more volume than expected, and the tones are warm and focused.

The drum heads that come as standard are Tama’s own brand drum heads, and whilst these do not sound bad, these drums could certainly benefit from an upgrade to some professional quality 2-ply heads.

The snare drum has a lively pop and it has a very articulate sound. It’s perfect for intricate playing for jazz or funk music because it’s so responsive and ghost notes sound fantastic. It also delivers a powerful backbeat when played loud!

The rack tom and floor tom deliver smooth and warm tones. I found they are very easy to tune and they really cut through nicely. The toms sing nicely and despite the size I think the toms sound great.

The kick drum is particularly shallow compared to conventional bass drums, and because of this is produces a really tight and punchy sound.

All together I’m really pleased with the sound of these drums. The smaller sized shells are a welcome addition, and they produce a tighter and more focused sound compared to a standard sized drum kit.

Build Quality

These drums simply look fantastic, and I’m still blown away by how classy this drum set is. It has some awesome features that are both attractive and functional.

The stunning Aqua Blue finish makes a great initial impression and I think the natural finished wooden bass drum hoops really help add to the retro-inspired look. The antique round badges are also a great visual feature.

Besides the aesthetics of the Tama Club Jam kit, I found the 6-ply poplar/mersawa shells had some issues with the bearing edges. Looking at the bearing edges they were un-sanded and they did have some minor dings. It’s somewhat disappointing, but I think considering the price point of the kit it’s relatively normal.

The hardware adorned on these drums is high quality and robust. I experienced no issues with the hardware; I found it to be well considered and functional. I particularly like the bass drum cymbal mount, I think it’s very stylish and it works great within the setup.


It’s a very different experience playing on an ultra compact kit such as the Tama Club Jam. All the drums are smaller and it feels different having everything so much closer. But it’s definitely interesting and a lot of fun!

Despite their sizes, these drums have a lot to offer in terms of sound. They are punchy and focused as well as being highly responsive. I didn’t actually expect the stock drum heads to sound as good on these drums as they do.

These drums sound great for a wide range of musical styles. They’re perfectly suited for hip-hop, funk and jazz. The tones of these drums are warm, lively and punchy. They’re also versatile and sound good tuned up both high and low.

Under microphones, these drums deliver too. The shallow, compact shells are super responsive and quick to speak which means there is a great initial attack from these drums.


The Tama Club Jam kit is incredibly compact and portable. It is WAY smaller than a typical drum set! This makes it ideal for working drummers who perform on small stages, or simply require something more compact for travel.

Not only are the drums small in size, they’re also lightweight. They take up a really small footprint on stage or at home and they are so easy to transport.

For working drummers the Tama Club Jam is a dream come true. They’ll fit anywhere on stage, and load-in is a breeze!


Overall I feel the Tama Club Jam produces a sound that exceeds its price point. This 4-piece drum set shell pack comes in at a very affordable price. It’s remarkably good value for money at a near entry-level price point, considering the look and sound of these drums.

I don’t believe that there is a better value compact drum set on the market taking into account how well these drums perform for a range of musical styles.


The Tama Club Jam is a fantastic compact sized drum set. These drums do not compromise on sound for portability – they deliver exceedingly punchy and warm tones. The retro-inspired features on this drum set are stylish and the finishes are very attractive.

Whether you are looking for a practice kit for a compact space or you want a reliable gig-worthy kit for smaller venues – the Tama Club Jam makes for a great investment.

What Comes In The Tama Club Jam Drum Set Box?

The Tama Club Jam is an excellent value compact drum set. It’s a shell pack only, however. This means that you must buy cymbals and hardware separately. Included with the bundle you receive all of the following components:

  • 18x12 Kick drum
  • 13x5 Snare drum
  • 10x7 Rack tom
  • 14x7 Floor tom
  • Bass drum cymbal holder
  • Floor tom legs
  • Tom holder mount
  • Wooden bass drum hoops

Tama Club Jam Drum Set At A Glance


  • Lively sounding poplar/mersawa shells
  • Visually and sonically impressive
  • Incredibly compact drum set
  • Stylish and functional retro inspired hardware


  • Basic Tama factory drum heads installed
  • Un-sanded bearing edges - but doesn’t affect sound drastically
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