Alesis Surge Vs Nitro Mesh Electronic Drum Set Comparison

Alesis Surge Vs Nitro

Alesis Surge Vs Nitro Head To Head

Alesis Surge Vs Nitro Detailed Comparison

In this comparison review, I’m going to be comparing the Alesis Surge Vs Alesis Nitro electronic drum sets side-by-side to find out which is best. I’m going to be looking at the build quality, features, sound, and cost to help determine which is the winner!

Alesis produces without a doubt some of the best electronic drum sets on the market right now. The Alesis Surge and Nitro drum sets offer incredible value for money, boasting considerably high-quality features including all-mesh drum heads and a powerful and responsive drum module.

In this article I’m going to take a look at the main differences between the Alesis Surge and Alesis Nitro electronic drum sets, to help decide which is the best.

Drum Module & Sounds

Taking a look at the sounds offered by both drum sets, I’ve learned there’s very little difference! To be perfectly honest, both the Alesis Surge and Nitro electronic drum sets feature the same drum module and therefore have the same sounds and onboard features.

The module on both sets is lightning-fast and responsive, which is exactly what you want from an electronic drum set. There are 40 onboard drum kits, which is certainly impressive. The sounds are good for the money, but nothing to rave about particularly. These are budget electronic drum sets, so you can’t expect the most high-definition and detailed professional-level sounds.

Nonetheless, they are more than suitable for beginners and students, and even advanced drummers looking for a practice drum set.

There are only two main differences I’ve noticed between the Alesis Surge and Nitro drum sets in terms of sounds and module functionality. The Alesis surge has a choke-able ride cymbal pad and also has USB-MIDI out.


Both the Alesis Surge and Nitro E-drum sets boast excellent design and good build quality. Both electronic drum sets feature sturdy hardware. The main difference between the two Alesis electronic drum sets in terms of build quality is the type of hardware components.

The Alesis surge features a 4-post chrome rack that is slightly more professional in appearance and sturdier compared to the rack for the Alesis Nitro. The chrome hardware looks better for sure I must say.

If you are planning on using your electronic drum set live then this would be an important factor for which kit you choose because the audience will care about the looks!

Mesh Pads

Both drum sets feature quality all-mesh drumheads throughout – which is an amazing feature you are typically unlikely to find in an entry-level electronic drum set.

There are two main differences between the Alesis Surge and Nitro drum sets when it comes to the mesh pads.

Firstly, the sizes of the electronic snare drum pads included are different. The Alesis Surge features a 10” snare drum pad whilst the Alesis Nitro has an 8” snare drum pad. You may not think it makes a big difference, but this is arguably the most important part of your drum set!

The larger 10” snare drum pad featured on the Alesis Surge feels better to play and offers a more realistic playing experience.

The second main difference between the Alesis Surge Vs Nitro is the size of the kick drum tower pad. Personally, I think this is the deal-breaker between the two drum sets.

I like to play with a double bass drum pedal, as do lots of drummers out there! Only the Alesis Surge will accommodate a double bass drum pedal because it has a larger kick drum pad. The Nitro kick drum pad will only accommodate a single pedal.


Both electronic drum sets provide an authentic playing experience, and they are a lot of fun to play. Both drum sets offer 40 high-quality drum kit sounds and the module is highly responsive, meaning that when you strike the drum head you instantly hear back the sounds; and it notices all the subtle differences in the way in which you play too.

The most noteworthy difference is the upgraded snare drum pad and kick drum pad in terms of performance which makes it a little more enjoyable to play on compared to the Alesis Nitro, but what is the price difference?


Both the Alesis Surge and Nitro Mesh electronic drum sets offer a lot of bang for your buck. They are both exceptionally fun and great-value musical instruments.

However, the Alesis Surge comes out around $200 more expensive than the Alesis Nitro. Which is quite a sizeable amount, considering it costs 50% more.


The intention of this comparison was to highlight the differences between the Alesis Nitro Vs Surge drum sets, to help you make an informed decision on which you feel is more deserving of your cash.

To be honest, I don’t think the differences are enough to warrant the additional money you would have to spend on the Alesis Surge Mesh drum set.

There are some important differences; mainly the look and feel of the premium chrome 4-post rack and the improved snare drum and kick drum pads that might influence your decision more towards the Alesis Surge.

If you are looking for the best excellent value entry-level electronic drum set on the market, then you should definitely go for the Alesis Nitro!

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