KAT Percussion KTMP1 Drum Pad Review

KAT Percussion KTMP1 Review

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The KAT Percussion KTMP1 is an affordable and compact electronic drum pad that comes with a great selection of sounds. It makes a wonderful addition to any drum set or percussion rig.

KAT KTMP1 Drum Pad

Key Features

  • Compact electronic drum pad
  • 4 Velocity sensitive rubber pads
  • 50 Built-in drum and percussion sounds
  • USB and MIDI to control virtual instruments
  • 2 External trigger inputs for kick and hi hat
  • Includes a mounting bracket




The KAT Percussion KTMP1 drum pad is an entry-level multi-purpose electronic drum pad to help drummers and percussionists explore the world of electronic drums. It is one of the cheapest options on the market for expanding a drum set to incorporate electronic sounds.

It’s also very compact and lightweight, which makes it super convenient to transport to rehearsals and gigs. This makes it attractive for gigging drummers who want to have a versatile range of sounds at their disposal.

In this KAT percussion pad review, I’ll be taking an in-depth look at the sounds, functionality, playability, and value of this electronic drum pad to determine if it’s worth the investment!

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Included with the KAT KTMP1 drum pad is a selection of 50 fully-adjustable and multi-purpose sounds. There is a wide range of modern drum set sounds as well as world percussion sounds such as bongos, congas, timbales, tambourines, and other percussion and effects. 

Having such a wide selection of sounds within a portable electronic drum pad is tremendously convenient for working musicians who want to change between different sounds on the fly.

It’s also worth noting that each sound can be fine-tuned to suit your needs. The pitch, volume, reverb, sensitivity, and panning can all be independently adjusted. 

The included sounds are more than adequate for gigs, and they are functional. However, I am disappointed that the KAT drum pad has no ability to load custom samples. This means you are restricted to playing only the included sounds. 


The KAT drum pad has 4 individual playing zones that can each load a different sound sample. You can also choose to load the playing zones with the same sample if you prefer.

The playing zones are made from a rubber material that offers a nice rebound and a good playing response. 

As mentioned before, the KTMP1 drum pad has no internal memory. This means you can’t load your own sound samples. 

However, the KMP1 does possess the ability to be used as a MIDI controller via USB to play any drum VST sound you like. It works great for both PC and Mac.

A really awesome feature of the KAT KTMP1 drum pad is the fact it has 2 trigger inputs for the KAT percussion add ons that integrate seamlessly with it. These additional drum triggers are not included with the KAT percussion pad but are bought as extras. 


The KAT percussion pad is a very useful tool for live percussion gigs I perform. It’s compact and lightweight which makes it a breeze to load in and set up in tight spaces. 

Once the KAT drum pad is set up and plugged in, it’s really easy to load the sounds you want. It’s also easy to tailor the sounds to your preference. I like to add reverb and adjust the pitch of some of the percussion instruments to sweeten the sound for the environment I’m in. 

The 4 rubber playing zones are responsive and provide accurate triggering. They are velocity-sensitive which is important for imitating a lifelike performance. I’ve never experienced any issues regarding misfiring or double triggering samples. 

The playing zones are fairly small though, so you do need to be careful of where you play on the surface of the KTMP1 to ensure the desired sound is triggered.


The KAT multipad offers exceptional value for money – it is one of the most affordable electronic drum pads on the market. It has a lot to offer in terms of sound and performance and it serves a wide range of practical uses.

Priced at $129.99 it really is an excellent purchase for any drummer, percussionist, or DJ looking to explore the world of electronic drums or to perhaps begin building a hybrid acoustic/electronic drum set


Overall, I can’t recommend the KAT multipad highly enough considering its budget price tag. It lends itself to a wide range of uses and it’s a compact and affordable alternative to an electronic drum set

The KAT multipad has MIDI connectivity, lots of sound adjustment options, and additional trigger inputs which makes it a very capable electronic drum pad for live performances. 

Although I wish it could load custom samples, I am rather impressed with the quality of the included sounds. The KAT KTMP1 drum pad is the best electronic drum pad to buy if you are on a budget hands-down. 

What Comes In The KAT KTMP1 Drum Pad Box?

  • KTMP1 drum pad
  • 50 Installed sounds
  • Mounting bracket
  • 2-Year warranty

KAT KTMP1 Drum Pad At A Glance


  • Excellent value for money
  • MIDI Connectivity via USB
  • 50 High quality sounds included
  • Can be played with hands or sticks


  • Must be plugged into mains to work
  • No internal storage for custom samples
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