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Drumeo is the biggest drumming platform on the Internet. Jared Falk and the guys have created something incredible, and it’s continued to boom and grow over the years. If you want a full review of the Edge Membership, you can check out my full review right here!

In this article, I will focus on the Drumeo Coaches section of the membership. We’re going to look through everything it is, who it’s for, and how beneficial it is for all the drummers that sign up for an Edge membership.

What is Drumeo Coaches?

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Drumeo Coaches is the latest addition to the Edge platform. It’s a section on the website where you can find hundreds of lessons taught by professional drummers. While most of Drumeo’s lessons are known to be taught in their studio with high-quality production, these lessons are instead taught by the pro drummers from their own homes.

The lessons come in the form of livestreams that are aired weekly. There are 11 drummers that all do one lesson a week, giving you 11 drum lessons that you can potentially go through. All these lessons are then archived so that you can watch them at later stages.

The goal of Drumeo Coaches is to give you more authentic teaching that is very responsive and interactive. You get the opportunity to talk directly to the pro drummers during the stream. You can ask specific questions to get world-class input.

This is a fantastic contrast from Drumeo’s extensive library of courses and lessons that have been filmed over the years. The interactive potential is one of the best things about the Coaches section of the membership.

Who are the Drummers?

Every drummer has been selected for this platform with different skills in mind. They all have unique skills and experience on offer, giving you a vast selection of things to learn. The common quality between all of them is that they’re all professional working drummers. So, you’re getting first-hand experience right from the top.

Here’s a list of all the Drumeo Coaches with short explanations of what they teach in their livestream lessons.

  • Aric Improta – Rock, Art & Touring
  • Domino Santantonio – Pop & Performance
  • Dorothea Taylor – Drumline Discipline
  • Jared Falk – Getting Started & Motivation
  • John Wooton – Rudiments & Applications
  • Kaz Rodriguez – Musicality & Composition
  • Larnell Lewis – Musicianship & Groove
  • Matt McGuire – Live Shows & Performances
  • Michael Schack – Electric Drumming
  • Sarah Thawer – Exploring New Ideas
  • Todd Sucherman – Philosophy & Mechanics

You would have noticed some massively popular names there, giving you an idea of how valuable and interesting the Drumeo Coaches section is. You’ll be getting interactive drum lessons from some of your favorite drummers.

Who Can Benefit from Drumeo Coaches?

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One of the biggest goals of the Drumeo platform is to cater to everyone. The Coaches section follows the same path by providing livestream lessons for every type of drummer there is.

If you’re a beginner drummer, you can watch Jared Falk’s lessons on getting started and listen to the solid advice he has to give. If you’re an advanced drummer, you can watch Todd Sucherman’s lessons on playing in odd time.

There’s something for everyone. The great thing about the variety of drum teachers is that there are even lessons that people of all levels can tune in to. Watching Michael Schack’s lessons on electronics in the drumming world is something that both beginner and advanced drummers can learn from.

The same can be said about Matt McGuire’s lessons about performance. He plays for the Chainsmokers, so you’re getting hands-on advice from a drummer who plays in one of the most popular bands in the world. His tips on gigging and performing live are immensely valuable.

Is the Coaches Section Worth the Monthly Drumeo Membership?

The Drumeo Edge membership costs around $30 a month. That may change depending on when you read this, but it’s the standard pricing for an online drum lesson platform. Locked behind that monthly fee is an unbelievable amount of content.

If you focus on only the Coaches section, you’re getting 11 new lessons a week that are all around 1 hour long. The average cost of private drum lessons range between $20 to $60 per hour.. That’s a whole lot more than you’re paying for a Drumeo Edge membership.

So, the Coaches section is highly worth the monthly subscription. In fact, most of these coaches would probably charge you over $100 for a lesson if you contacted them privately. Drumeo has made getting lessons from the very best drummers both highly accessible and very affordable.

Is Watching the Drumeo Coaches Livestreams a Good Way of Learning?

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Watching the livestreams is a good way of learning new things and obtaining fresh ideas to work on. It’s also a great place to hear advice and philosophies from some of the best drummers in the world.

With that being said, the Coaches section isn’t a good place to learn and have a set structure. The lessons don’t have progression systems, meaning they don’t have an end goal to them. You wouldn’t be learning and improving effectively on the drums if you purely stuck to watching the livestreams.

Luckily, Drumeo has the Edge Method. That’s what you need to follow on the platform if you’re looking to go from beginner to advanced while following perfectly laid out steps.

Final Thoughts

Drumeo Lessons

The main idea behind the Drumeo Coaches section is that you choose a few drummers to stick with. It would be almost impossible for anyone to watch all 11 lessons that get uploaded every week. You’d be overloaded with content and ideas.

Instead, you can tune in to your favorite coach’s lessons once a week to see what they have to teach. It’s very similar to having a private teacher. The best thing about the Drumeo Coaches live streams is that you can personally ask a famous pro drummer about a specific topic.

If you don’t have a Drumeo Edge membership, the Coaches section is a huge reason for you to sign up for one. You can learn so much, and the lesson library keeps getting bigger and bigger as time goes on.

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