Wuhan Cymbals Review: Traditional Cymbal Pack

wuhan cymbals review

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The Wuhan Traditional Cymbal Pack is both an affordable and high-quality set of B20 bronze cymbals. These cymbals are hand-hammered and lathed from a cast B20 alloy for rich sonics and a musical tone. For the money, this truly is an excellent set of low-cost cymbals.

Wuhan Traditional Cymbal Set

Key Features

  • B20 bronze cymbal set
  • Incredible sounds for the price
  • 14" Hi hat cymbals
  • 16" Crash cymbal
  • 20" Ride cymbal
  • Free cymbal bag included


Wuhan is one of the lesser-known cymbal manufacturers that specializes in producing quality cymbals at affordable prices. Compared to the most popular cymbal manufacturers on the market, Wuhan’s B20 cast bronze cymbals cost the same as their competitor’s budget products.

The Wuhan traditional cymbal pack consists of a pair of 14” hi hat cymbals, a 16” crash cymbal, and a 20” ride cymbal, as well as a free cymbal bag to conveniently transport them to gigs. 

In this Wuhan cymbals review, I’ll be taking an in-depth look at the sounds, build quality, versatility, playability, and value of the Wuhan traditional cymbal pack to determine if it’s worth the investment!

Wuhan Traditional Cymbal Set Ratings



Build Quality









Right off the bat, I’m going to say that I’m impressed by these Wuhan traditional cymbals. This is a set of cast bronze cymbals that sounds simply phenomenal for the money. They are crafted in the same way that professional level cymbals are.

These Wuhan B20 Bronze Cymbals are some of the best budget cymbals available. These stunning cymbals produce a range of musical sounds at a pretty unbelievable price. Although they are cheap cymbals, they do not sound it at all.

The Wuhan cymbal pack includes a 20” medium-heavy ride, 16” thin crash, and a pair of 14” hi hat cymbals. 

The cymbals complement each other exceedingly well, and they all respond very well to varying playing dynamics. They speak softly, but also open up tremendously well when played hard.

The hi hats are tight and crisp, and open up with a more aggressive roar when played open. However you choose to play these hi hats, they sound great no matter what type of grooves you choose to play.

The crash cymbal is particularly sweet-sounding, and it bursts to life when crashed loudly. It truly has a beautiful sound and a fantastic amount of projection with a relatively short sustain

The ride cymbal excels, too. It has a clear and defined bell, and a tasty ride sound on the bow. It is a rather heavy cymbal and therefore has an excellent stick definition with a great fundamental pitch.

Build Quality

Wuhan cymbals have been manufacturing cymbals in Wuhan, China for thousands of years. They are very well the originators of cymbals as we know it! 

Wuhan has done a tremendous job with the craftsmanship of these cymbals. These Wuhan cymbals are crafted in the same way that expensive cymbals are, and from the same bronze alloy formula. 

Professional level cymbals are typically made from a cast lump of B20 bronze. Wuhan appears to be the only cymbal manufacturer to make B20 bronze cymbals at this price.

At the same price range, other manufacturers tend to use cheaper sheet alloys and short-cut manufacturing methods.

The Wuhan Traditional cymbals are hand hammered and lathed from a cast B20 alloy for rich sonics and a musical tone. The B20 alloy provides these cymbals with a lower pitch, and they have a gorgeous sound. There is a slight trashiness, but the smooth, brilliant finish offers a bright overall tone. 


Wuhan has produced a set of cymbals capable of playing the most popular music styles. These cymbals boast a brilliant finish with smooth lathing that lends them better to modern styles of music such as pop, rock, fusion, and fusion. 

However, they are also suitable for playing other styles of music such as funk, jazz, blues, hip-hop, and gospel too!

I would compare the sound of the Wuhan B20 cymbal pack to the likes of well-known ranges such as Zildjian’s renowned A Custom line of cymbals and Sabian’s AAX cymbal lines. 

These cymbals are favored by rock and pop drummers such as Travis Barker because of their bright and glassy sounds. They also offer a great amount of volume and are able to cut through music very well. 


These cymbals are a pure joy to play—especially when compared to other manufacturer’s affordable cymbals. The Wuhan cymbal pack is head and shoulders above everything else in this price range!

The cymbals complement each other well, and they sound excellent together. These cymbals really shine from the drummer’s perspective as well as from listening as a member of the audience.

With a loud, bright, and cutting sound, these cymbals work especially well for live music. They have a great level of projection, and they simply sound and feel fantastic to play. 

They also make a great addition when looking to record drums in the studio, thanks to their smooth, shimmery, and glassy sounds!


These Wuhan cymbals cannot be beaten for the money. This traditional cymbal set holds its own against competitors that are double or triple the price. 

Wuhan has the best price to quality ratio of any cymbals I’ve played. And you certainly won’t find a cheaper set of premium quality B20 bronze cymbals available. 

These are pro-quality cast cymbals that sound fantastic. Without a doubt, they offer fantastic value for money.


Although Wuhan is not an established brand name like Meinl, Sabian, Zildjian, or Paiste, the Wuhan Traditional Cymbal Pack blows its competitors’ lower-priced cymbals out of the water! 

It’s time to forget about the brand name and focus entirely on the sound. These cymbals are the real deal. These cast bronze cymbals sound incredible, and Wuhan delivers amazing quality at a price that cannot be beaten.

Summarizing the Wuhan cymbals review, I’d recommend these as the best cymbals for any beginner or intermediate drummer seeking a great-sounding set of cymbals at an unbeatable price. 

What Comes In The Wuhan Traditional Cymbal Set Box?

  • 14" Hi hat cymbals
  • 16" Crash cymbal
  • 20" Ride cymbal
  • Free cymbal bag

Wuhan Traditional Cymbal Set At A Glance


  • The most affordable B20 cymbals around
  • Highly versatile for different musical styles
  • Rich sonic characteristics
  • Unbeatable value for money


  • Very few negatives for the price
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