Are Mapex Drums Good? (Mapex Brand Overview)

Are Mapex Drums Good

Deciding on a drum brand for your next drum set can be daunting, especially with numerous quality manufacturers out there that all produce fantastic kits. 

One brand that often comes up in these discussions is Mapex, a popular drumming brand that rose to popularity thanks to their innovative products that carry a rather affordable price tag. 

This blog will offer an in-depth look at Mapex drums to help you make an informed decision on whether they’re a good option to consider for buying your next drum set. Let’s dive in!

Is Mapex Drums a Good Drum Brand?

Mapex Drums is a popular choice for drummers who want quality and versatility without breaking the bank. 

I purchased a 4-piece Mapex Saturn IV drum set back in 2015, and I still enjoy playing this drum set to this very day.

Having owned this drum set for nearly a decade, I can attest to its build quality, sound, and visual appeal. It’s a fantastic drum set to play, and I particularly love the modern shell sizes too.

I think Mapex drums is a brand that is definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for a new set. Their drums boast good build quality and features, and at an attractive price.

Mapex is an excellent alternative to other brands such as Pearl and Tama drums, because their products are a little more affordable, whilst still offering comparable quality and performance.

Overview of Mapex Drums

Mapex Drums, also known as Music And Percussion EXcellence, was formed in 1989. It is a Taiwanese brand of musical instruments established by KHS Musical Instruments. 

Since its formation, Mapex has gained recognition and popularity in the drumming community for its quality craftsmanship and innovative designs.

Mapex has grown over the years to be one of the main drumming brands in the industry. They also now have an impressive artist roster, and many of their drummers perform arena tours with some of the world’s biggest artists.

The brand also offers a wide range of drum kits that cater to both beginner drummers, intermediate drummers, and professionals alike. All of their drum kits offer solid construction and impressive sound quality for their price range.

Let us take a deeper look at the features and benefits of Mapex drums, along with their product lines aimed at different levels of drummers.

Mapex Drums Product Lines

Venus Series

Mapex Venus Series

The Mapex Venus series is designed for beginners and entry-level drummers. 

The Venus is a complete drum kit with everything needed to start a drumming journey. The drum shells are made from poplar wood, which provides a balanced sound. 

Venus drum sets are available in various configurations and surprisingly attractive finishes, allowing beginner drummers to find their preferred setup.

Mars Series

Mapex Mars Series

The Mars series is aimed at both beginner and intermediate drummers who seek professional features at an affordable price point. These drum sets are known for their versatility and punchy sound. 

The Mars series offers outstanding value for money and is popular among drummers looking for a reliable and performance-oriented kit. These kits are offered with either a maple or birch construction.

Armory Series

Mapex Armory Series

Mapex’s higher-end intermediate line, the Armory series caters to drummers who desire a balance of affordability and superior tones. 

Armory drums feature hybrid shell construction, combining birch and maple resulting in a punchy yet warm and rich tone. The Armory series is known for its versatility across different musical genres and are suitable for use both in the studio and at live shows.

Saturn Series

Mapex Saturn Series

The Saturn series is Mapex’s flagship line, targeting professional drummers and studio musicians. 

These drum sets are highly regarded for their exceptional craftsmanship and tonal possibilities. Saturn drums offer a wide range of configurations to suit the needs of demanding drummers.

The Saturn series uses a Maple and Walnut Hybrid Shell that sounds immense, and is also offered in a range of highly attractive lacquer finishes.

These drums are acclaimed for their rich, balanced sound, excellent projection, and excellent attention to detail in design and construction.

Features of Mapex Drums 

Quality and construction

Mapex Drums are constructed with precision and care, ensuring an impressive lifespan for each kit. Each drum shell is created from high-quality woods using blends of maple, birch, and walnut, providing excellent tones and durability.

Despite being manufactured in the far east, the Mapex factory maintains consistent quality control, resulting in reliable drums that continue to earn the trust of drummers worldwide.

Every element of Mapex drums points towards their commitment to delivering top tier instruments without burning a hole in your pocket!

Sound quality

Mapex drums sound undeniably great. The brand produces drums that deliver a modern and powerful tone. Whether you’re playing rock, jazz, or any other genre, Mapex drums provide the perfect balance of warmth and projection.

Intricate design aspects like SONIClear bearing edges promote increased resonance and tonal clarity of their drums.

The Soniclear bearing edge increases the contact area between the drumhead and the drum shell. This larger contact surface improves the transfer of vibrations from the drumhead to the shell, resulting in better resonance and a more focused tone.

Furthermore, by ensuring consistent and even contact between the drumhead and the shell, it minimizes unwanted overtones and helps the drum stay in tune for longer periods. 

The factory-installed heads on Mapex drums are of a pretty good standard too. The high-end Saturn kits are equipped with professional Remo heads that bring out the best characteristics of each drum shell.

Playstyle versatility

Mapex drums are known for their versatility, making them a great choice for drummers of all genres and styles. Whether you’re into rock, jazz, funk, or anything in between, Mapex offers a wide range of drum kits and configurations to suit your needs.

With their high-quality construction and professional features, these drums can handle the hard-hitting beats of heavy metal or provide the delicate touch needed for jazz ballads. So no matter what kind of music you play, Mapex drums are sure to deliver the versatility you need to showcase your unique style and sound.

Catalog diversity

Mapex drums offer a wide range of options to cater to different drumming styles and preferences. Their catalog is diverse, featuring various drum kits and percussion instruments that suit both beginner drummers and professionals.

Whether you’re looking for traditional drum sounds or something more unique, Mapex has it all. From affordable kits for those starting out to high-quality sets with professional features, there’s something for everyone.

What Famous Drummers Play Mapex?

Chris Adler

Chris Adler is an American musician who is best known as the founder and former drummer of the heavy metal band Lamb of God. Adler’s drumming style is characterized by his precision, power, and technical proficiency, which has earned him recognition and accolades in the metal community.

His involvement with Mapex drums is notable. Chris Adler has been associated with Mapex drums as one of their most famous endorsed artists. 

He has played Mapex drum kits, including the Black Panther series, and has even collaborated with Mapex on the creation of his own signature snare drum, the Warbird Snare Drum. 

Rashid Williams

Rashid Williams is a talented drummer and musician known for his work with renowned artists such as John Legend and Jill Scott. He has served as a musical director and drummer for these acts, showcasing his talent and versatility. 

As an artist, he represents Mapex and uses their drum kits in his performances and recordings. 

Rashid Williams is known for his dynamic and energetic drumming style. His talent and dedication to his craft have made him a respected figure in the drumming community.

Richie Martinez

Richie Martinez is a drummer known for his work with the progressive rock band Arch Echo. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Richie Martinez is recognized for his technical mastery and tasteful musical sensibilities.

Martinez’s versatility as a drummer is evident through his drumming with Arch Echo. He navigates various styles and genres, adapting his playing to fit the needs of different musical contexts. 

Alain Ackermann

Alain Ackermann is a talented drummer hailing from Switzerland and is known for his involvement with the folk metal band Eluveitie. 

Born in 1994, he is regarded as one of the top upcoming drummers in Switzerland. He has gained recognition for his technical skills and musical abilities behind the drum kit.

As a drummer, he has played live shows on some of the largest festival stages in Europe, showcasing his drumming prowess with Eluveitie, and adding power and precision to their folk metal sound.


Mapex drums are a great choice for drummers of all levels. Their quality construction and sound options provide versatility for different play styles and genres. 

With a diverse catalog and affordable prices, Mapex is definitely worth considering when looking for your next drum kit.

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