3 Best Acrylic Drum Sets

Best Acrylic Drum Sets

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Acrylic drum sets are rising in popularity among intermediate and advanced drummers. They offer a great combination of sound and durability, and have a distinctive visual appeal.

Acrylic drums offer a unique sound that is different from traditional wooden drums. They are typically brighter sounding and have more projection than wood drums.

When it comes to choosing an acrylic drum set, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind to ensure you choose the right set for your needs.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the best acrylic drum sets that offer incredible sounds and looks. I’ve compared sound, build quality, sizes, and cost to give you my top recommendations. I’ll also cover everything you need to know about acrylic drums in the buyer’s guide below.

What are the Best Acrylic Drum Sets?

Image Recommended ProductsProduct Features Price
  • 5 Piece drum set shell pack
  • 5mm thick seamless shells
  • Pro-level DW features throughout
Pearl Crystal Beat Shell Pack 4-pc - Ultra Clear
  • 4 Piece drum set shell pack
  • Seamless acrylic shells
  • Optimount suspension system
Ludwig Vistalite John Bonham Zep Set Shell Pack with Snare Drum - Amber
  • 5 Piece drum set shell pack
  • Modern reproduction of Bonzo's iconic kit
  • Durable Vistalite acrylic

How I Tested and Selected the Best Acrylic Drum Sets

Since there aren’t too many acrylic drum sets currently available, I’ve been able to play and test out almost every option. 


When testing them out, I wanted to see how they compared to each other as well as to standard wooden drum sets. I first listened to the tonal differences. I then compared hardware features and overall versatility. 

Acrylic drum sets are known for their bright, clear tones. I evaluated the thickness and construction of the shells to ensure they deliver the desired balance of projection and resonance.

Visual appeal is also an important factor, as acrylic drum sets offer a striking stage presence. 

My recommendations encompass various configurations and budgets. Below you’ll find my top recommended acrylic drums that offer both impressive visuals and sonic excellence.

Best Acrylic Drum Set Reviews


DW Design Series 5 Piece Acrylic Drum Set

My top-rated acrylic drum set on the market. The drum shells are super responsive, punchy, and focused, and work exceptionally well under microphones for professional live and studio use.
Build Quality

    DW Design Series 5 Piece Acrylic Drum Set Review

    This DW Design Series Acrylic Drum Set offers incredible quality and value for money. This five-piece drum set is crafted from seamless clear acrylic that produces very impressive sounds indeed.

    This really is a DW drum set through and through. I find the drum tones to be warm, punchy, and sonically pure. I think it’s a beautiful sounding acrylic drum set and the sounds exceed its price point.

    Included with this clear drum set is a snare drum, kick drum, and three toms. The craftsmanship and attention to detail are superb, with concise bearing edges and a 5mm thick seamless shell.

    These acrylic drums boast pro-level DW features including newly designed mini-turret lugs, True-Pitch tuning rods, low-mass die cast claw hooks, a MAG snare drum throw-off, and more. The drums are also outfitted with Remo heads top and bottom.

    For the money, these are without a doubt the best acrylic drums for sale on the market. These drums are full of life; responsive, punchy and easy to tune to your desired tension.

    Experienced drummers might be turned off by the fact that this kit falls under the Design Series. But fear not. This is an outstanding drum set, and is loved by many top-level drummers.

    This particular drum set is widely used by many touring professionals including Dan Searle of Architects and Eric Moore.

    When it comes to tonal quality mixed with overall value, I don’t think any kit can top this one. 


    • Premium sounds and looks
    • Unbelievable value for money
    • Punchy, warm and clear tones


    • None

    Pearl Crystal Beat 4 Piece Acrylic Drum Set

    Boasting molded seamless acrylic shells, the Pearl Crystal beat delivers a powerful drum kit sound along with stunning visuals. These drums truly look and sound fantastic.
    Build Quality

      Pearl Crystal Beat 4 Piece Acrylic Drum Set Review

      The Pearl Crystal Beat Drum Set delivers eye-popping visuals and an incredible sound. These drums offer a punchy, full-range tone with a focused projection.

      These roadworthy drums feature Pearl’s revolutionary seamless construction with molded shells instead of being rolled for an even more durable construction.

      Included are two rack toms, a floor tom, and a powerful sounding kick drum. All of which have a good tuning range and are easy to tune as well.

      I’ve played the Crystal Beat a few times, and I love how these drums produce fat and punchy sounds. 

      The drums are adorned with strong low-mass lugs and feature Pearl’s Opti-Mount suspension mounting system.

      Pearl’s Crystal Beat delivers powerful looks and tones and offers great value for money. These are killer drums that look and sound fantastic on stage and in the studio.

      This kit would be my pick if I were looking to save as much money as possible. It’s the cheapest acrylic kit on this list, but it’s by no means a budget offering. 

      I’ve seen plenty of Pearl artists use this set when playing with some of the biggest bands in the world in front of arenas. 


      • Stunning looks and sounds
      • Versatile and modern drum set
      • Excellent tone and projection


      • No matching snare drum included
      • Not as good value for money as DW Design Acrylic

      Ludwig Vistalite John Bonham 5 Piece Acrylic Drum Set

      This Vistalite drum kit has reinforced acrylic drums sized to John Bonham’s iconic drum set configuration. This is the ultimate acrylic kit if you’re a Bonham fan.
      Build Quality

        Ludwig Vistalite John Bonham 5 Piece Acrylic Drum Set Review

        This Ludwig Vistalite Acrylic Shell Pack is a recreation of John Bonham’s legendary drum set. This Ludwig acrylic drum set delivers Bonham’s iconic thunderous sounds. These acrylic drums pack an enormous punch and have a huge presence.

        Since 1909 Ludwig drums have been one of the proudest legacies in drumming. 

        These drums deliver a monstrous sound and they will allow you to share some of Bonham’s sounds and looks with this authentic reproduction Led Zeppelin Drum set. 

        These were undoubtedly some of the biggest and loudest drums that I’ve ever played on!

        This five piece acrylic drum set shell pack includes a kick drum, one rack tom, two floor toms, and a Ludwig Supraphonic snare drum. The drum sizes are huge, with a 14” rack tom, 16” & 18” floor toms, and 26” kick all in an amber finish.

        The drums are the exact same sizes as John Bonham and these are a lot of fun to play. The reinforced acrylic drums are very high quality and they also feature Ludwig’s classic lug design. If you’re a Bonham fan then this is the best acrylic drum set that you should definitely check out.


        • Fantastic collector's drum set
        • Thunderous drum sounds!
        • Incredible attention to detail


        • Very expensive
        • Not very versatile due to sizes

        Acrylic Drum Set Buyer’s Guide

        Acrylic drums are a rather unconventional choice for drum set manufacturing. Acrylic drum sets were originally popular in the 1970s when rock n roll was getting bigger. The drum sets were huge in size and they were incredibly eye-catching on stage.

        Keith Moon, Phil Rudd, John Bonham, and Ron Tutt are just a few names that helped bring clear drums to the masses! Ludwig’s Vistalite drum sets were the most popular around, but the Pearl Crystal Beat drum set has also been popular since 1973!

        Acrylic drums are constructed by either rolling or molding acrylic into a cylindrical drum shell.

        Benefits of Acrylic Drum Sets

        • Acrylic drum kits offer a unique, bright sound that is different from traditional wooden drums.
        • Transparent shells produce punchier and louder sounds with more projection than wood drums.
        • Acrylic drums have distinctive looks that make them stand out from the crowd.
        • An acrylic drum kit is perfect for live music, where you need your drums to cut through the mix.

        Acrylic Drum Set Sounds

        Acrylic drums produce a slightly different sound from wooden drums. Acrylic drums sound fat and punchy, with lots of crack and tonal clarity. The sound is a little less warm, but also more focused.

        I personally really love how acrylic drums sound and, of course, how they look. This is the real notable difference between acrylic and wood drum shells. The audience can immediately recognize an acrylic drum set as being different and unique. They are seen far less often than wood drum sets.

        Acrylic drum sets are perfect for all musical styles and applications. Although made famous by rock drummers, they are perfect for pop, hip hop, RnB, electronic music, and many more musical genres.

        Many professional drummers, including the phenomenal Eric Moore, choose to play acrylic drums live because they look amazing under stage lights and do not obstruct any views. You can see right through them!

        Acrylic drums have very hard but thin shells that can resonate substantially and project sound further than wood shells. This makes them excellent for live music.

        So listen and see for yourself. I think the difference is clear. If you’re looking for a unique and loud sound, then acrylic drums are a great option. They offer durability and a distinctive visual appeal that is sure to turn heads.

        Caring For Your Acrylic Drums

        Acrylic drums can accumulate dirt and fingerprints that will become noticeable over time. In order to maintain acrylic drums to an ‘as new’ standard, you’ll be required to clean your acrylic drums regularly.

        I would recommend using acrylic cleaning products and a very soft cloth to remove trapped dirt, dust, and grime. The best cloth to use for cleaning acrylic drums is a cotton deep pile terry cloth.

        Meguiar’s clear plastic detailing and cleaning products are a firm favorite amongst acrylic drum enthusiasts. They offer easy-to-use spray-on and wipe-off cleaning and polishers that leaves acrylic drums with a gleaming shine.

        Acrylic drum shells require more care and due diligence than wood shell drums. A seamless acrylic shell is more prone to splitting or warping than a wood shell if not cared for properly. Always store acrylic drums in drum cases when storing or transporting them.

        And always store acrylic drums in the shade and away from extreme heat and cold.

        Acrylic Drum Sets FAQs

        Are Acrylic Drums Good?

        Acrylic drums make a great choice because they have a distinctive visual appeal, and they sound very impressive too. They produce pure and balanced tones with a focused attack. I really dig the sound of acrylic drums, and so do many drummers.

        Are Acrylic Drums Louder?

        Acrylic drum shells offer a greater attack than almost any wood shell, which is brighter too. This is due to acrylic’s ability to reflect sound waves compared to wood. Acrylic drum sets have very hard but thin shells that resonate substantially compared to wooden shells.

        They certainly give the impression of increased volume if not in pure decibel measure. The attack and higher frequency response in acrylic shells will carry further and give the impression of increased volume.

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