Is the Drumeo Lifetime Membership Worth It?

Is the Drumeo Lifetime Membership Worth It

Online drum lessons have become more and more viable over the years, and no online lesson platform has been more successful than Drumeo. It truly is the ultimate platform for online drum education platform.

They offer a monthly membership program, but every now and then, a lifetime membership offer arises that offers access to all the platform’s current and future content for a single one-off payment.

We’re going to look at the details of this Drumeo life membership, and I’ll explain whether or not I think it’s worth the cost. 

More About Drumeo

More About Drumeo - Drumeo Lifetime Membership

Before getting into the details of the lifetime membership, it’s essential to understand what Drumeo is and what the brand offers drummers looking for online education.

The brand offers a vast and varied amount of educational material, and they create specific content for all social media platforms. 

Their YouTube channel is the largest platform, having over two million subscribers with a constant stream of free high-quality content. 

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The Drumeo subscription is the main thing, though, as all of Drumeo’s free content aims drummers toward there. You pay monthly, and you get access to an absolutely huge number of educational resources. This includes video lessons, practice tools, student focus sessions, play-along tracks, sheet music, behind-the-scenes videos, and a lot more. 

The best thing about Drumeo is that they regularly get world-famous drummers to come into their studio to do film lessons and courses. That’s the main thing that puts them above the other drum education platforms. 

What is the Drumeo Life Time Membership?

The Drumeo Lifetime Membership is a one-time deal where you pay for five years’ worth of annual subscription to Drumeo, and you get unlimited access for the rest of your life

The idea is that it saves you a lot of money, but it also encourages you to keep learning since you’ve committed to something for life. 

It’s not always available, as the guys at Drumeo tend to open the registrations at certain times every year. Every time the Lifetime Membership opens, you get different add-on benefits to entice you a bit more. They’re always great, and they make the membership more worth the cost. 

What Do You Get with Drumeo Lifetime?

What Do You Get with Drumeo Lifetime

The things you get with a Lifetime Membership will vary depending on when you sign up for it, but the basic structure of what they add tends to stay the same. Here’s what you can look forward to. 

Drumeo Membership

Lifetime access to the Drumeo program is the main benefit of the Lifetime Membership. Drumeo is filled with thousands of hours of lessons, courses, and other features. 

Drumeo has changed a few times in the decade that Drumeo has been operating, but you’ll be part of every new innovation and change for the rest of your life.

As a Drumeo member, you’ll be part of a large community of drummers that are all learning and helping each other along the way. 

It can feel quite overwhelming with all the lessons and features, but the people running the platform do their best to guide you. Following the Drumeo Method seems to be the best way to stay on track for beginners. 

Whether you’re a beginner drummer or an advanced drummer, you’ll find the Drumeo Membership to be incredible. Check out this full Drumeo review to see more details about the Drumeo Membership. 

You also get access to over 5000+ Songs and practice tools with an intuitive in-app player plus full notation and tempo adjustments. The ‘Songs’ section is also regularly updated, so the catalog of songs will continue to increase too!

(Note: This is only true of the Drumeo songs, you don’t get access to the other brands’ songs)

Drumeo Merch

The guys at Drumeo generally add merchandise as part of the package to people that sign up for the Lifetime Membership. The shipping is typically free, and the merch is always highly practical. 

In the time that Drumeo has been opening the membership, they’ve sent gear that they’ve created. Examples of this are the P4 Practice Pad, the QuietKick, and the Drumeo EarDrums

They often include Drumeo apparel as well. The biggest benefit to this is that they ship these things all over the world, so you won’t be limited by where you live.

The type of merch you get just depends on what they’re offering at the time of their Lifetime Membership being opened for registration. 

Drumeo Drumsticks

Something that has remained quite standard is receiving pairs of drumsticks when signing up for the Lifetime Membership

Drumeo created a signature pair of 5A drumsticks with Vater, so that’s often a freebie option that comes with your shipment package. 

5A sticks are the most common sticks to start with, and they work well for every setting. The Drumeo 5A sticks are durable and feel great to play with.


At many of the registration openings, Drumeo offers a group masterclass with a famous drummer. This masterclass is exclusive for Lifetime members, and it’s very interactive and personal

The great thing about being a Lifetime member is that you get access to an exclusive masterclass that isn’t available to other members.

These masterclasses typically come from professional drummers that are part of the Drumeo Coaches program. These are famous drummers that regularly teach lessons on the platform, including Todd Sucherman, Larnell Lewis, Matt McGuire, Sarah Thawer, and Domino Santantonio. 

Musora Memberships

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Another massive benefit of being a Lifetime member is that you get access to all of Musora’s other educational platforms

Note: The only thing you may not gain access to from the other Musora platforms is the ‘Songs’ section of the platform.

Musora is the main company that Drumeo falls under, and it includes similar online educational platforms for other instruments. 

Currently, Musora contains the following brands: 

  • Drumeo (For drummers)
  • Pianote (For pianists)
  • Guitareo (For guitarists)
  • Singeo (For singers)

This deal hasn’t always been part of the Lifetime Membership, so you just need to check to see if it is with the next registration opening. 

The fact that you get lifetime access to lessons for four instruments makes the whole deal more appealing than you may have originally thought. It’s amazing for drummers that want to grow their skills on another instrument as well. 

How Much Does Drumeo Lifetime Cost?

The current price for the Lifetime Membership registration costs $1200. However, that price may change depending on when you sign up for it. In previous years, it was a bit cheaper, and inflation has a lot to do with the cost increase. 

The cost of the Lifetime Membership typically adds up to five years’ worth of the normal Drumeo cost for the Membership. 

With that being said, it’s better to sign up sooner rather than later, as the price may increase by a few hundred dollars the next time it opens up. 

Is Drumeo Lifetime Worth It? 

Considering everything you get from signing up, the Drumeo Lifetime Membership is well worth the cost. The Drumeo Membership already has incredible value for the money, so the fact that you get lifetime access makes it a million times more worth it. 

To put it into perspective, private lessons will usually cost between $40 and $100 for one hour. You’re paying less than that for Drumeo once a month to have thousands of hours’ worth of drum lessons. 

Switch that over to the Lifetime Membership, and it’s an even better deal. Even advanced drummers will find plenty of valuable content. 

Getting free drum gear along with all the Drumeo lessons is just the icing on the cake. The folks at Drumeo tend to prioritize their Lifetime members, so you’ll get the royal treatment. 

However, it will only be worth it if you make the most of what you’re getting

You’re paying for five years upfront, so it will only be worth it if you consume five or more years of lesson material from the platform. 

If you’re someone who wants to only progress through drum lessons for a short time, I’d recommend sticking with the regular Drumeo subscription to see how much you use it.

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