DrumDial Drum Tuner Review

DrumDial review

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The DrumDial is the original and the best precision drum tuner on the market. It’s incredibly accurate for reading drumhead tension, and it’s an essential buy for any drummer seeking consistently great sounds.

DrumDial Drum Tuner

Key Features

  • Precision drum tuning device
  • Measures tympanic pressure
  • Highly accurate tuning
  • Easy to read analog display
  • Includes edge gauge
  • Built in the USA


Tuning Accuracy
Build Quality


The DrumDial is an analog drum tuning device that helps you to get your drums accurately in tune. The device works by measuring drum head tension around each lug and therefore allows you to achieve a consistent tuning.

When it comes to achieving great sounding drums, the drum head and it’s tuning is responsible for 80% of the drum’s sound. That’s why it’s so important to get the tuning right before each gig and recording session.

In this DrumDial review, I’ll be taking an in-depth look at the tuning accuracy, build quality, ease-of-use, and value of this drum tuning device to determine if it’s worth the investment!

DrumDial Drum Tuner Ratings

Tuning Accuracy


Build Quality






Tuning Accuracy

The DrumDial precision drum tuner is highly accurate whilst measuring the tension of a drum head. It measures tympanic pressure, which provides you with a true measure of the tension around a drum. 

By moving the DrumDial drum tuner around a drum, the device lets you know which of your lugs are in tune, and which ones aren’t. By reading the display you are able to achieve repeatable and accurate tuning through tuning each lug to the same pressure. 

The aim of drum tuning is to tune each lug to the same pitch, and in order to do this, each lug needs to be tuned to the same tension. DrumDial takes out the guesswork, and you are able to tune the drum without even needing to play it. 

With each lug in tune with one another, the resulting sound is a smooth and consistent tone with a strong fundamental pitch from the drum. 

Because the DrumDial drum tuner measures tympanic pressure instead of tension rod torque, it offers a very high level of tuning accuracy each and every time. 

Build Quality

The build quality of the DrumDial precision tuner is magnificent. The device is small yet very heavy and feels incredibly robust. Each Drum dial is precision made in the USA. 

Included with the DrumDial you receive an edge gauge that helps to achieve an accurate tuning by ensuring the device is the correct distance from the drum hoop whilst tuning. 

You also receive a foam-lined box that keeps it protected whilst in transport. My only criticism of the box is that it does not lock, and it does not offer all that much protection compared to a hardshell case. 

Overall the build quality of the device is very good. You can tell straight away it’s a well-constructed product that is built from high-quality materials


I find the optimal way to use the DrumDial device is to tune each lug to the exact same pressure around the drum by reading the dial, and then I use my ears to ensure the lug pitches are exactly in tune with one another. 

The DrumDial is very straightforward to use. Using the provided edge gauge, you move the device around the drum and tune the drum accordingly so that each lug is in tune with one another. 

The device has an easy to read analog display and moveable locators to mark tuning ranges.

It’s very simple and fast compared to traditional methods of tuning that involve counting drum key rotations and measuring tension rod torque. Neither of these is very effective. 

The DrumDial also comes with a handy chart that details the best readings to achieve a great sound from each drum. You can use these readings as a guide when tuning your drums whether it’s high, medium, or low tunings. 

For example, if I want to tune my snare drum to a high tuning, I will ensure I tune each lug of the batter snare drum head to the reading of 90. Using the DrumDial really helps me to achieve great tones both live and in the studio whilst saving a lot of valuable time. 


The DrumDial is not only hugely popular, but it’s also the best value drum tuner on the market. It’s cheaper than other drum tuners and I’ve found it to be far better quality too.

It’s such a high-quality product that if you buy it once it should last you a lifetime. It won’t wear or break unless it’s mishandled or neglected. 

You only need to buy a DrumDial once for $59, and it will offer you a lifetime of service. It really offers amazing value for money.


I have used different drum tuners on the market, including digital drum tuners from competitor products. But I’ve found the original DrumDial is the best product on the market. The DrumDial requires no batteries unlike digital drum tuners, it’s built with better materials, and it’s always accurate. 

I use the DrumDial for every studio session and live concert on my drums, on both the batter drum heads and resonant drum heads. It’s a quick process that ensures I get the best sounds possible. 

Every drummer should own a DrumDial precision drum tuner. It’s the best tool for drum tuning on the market and saves serious amounts of time and energy, whilst achieving fantastic drum tones every time.  

What Comes In The DrumDial Drum Tuner Box?

  • DrumDial device
  • Edge gauge
  • Moveable markers
  • Foam box

DrumDial Drum Tuner At A Glance


  • High quality construction
  • Very accurate and easy to use
  • Will last a lifetime
  • Easy to read analog display


  • Very little!
  • The included box is not very resilient
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